The void, where form becomes formless…

The void, where form becomes formless…

Nederlandse vertaling

Our true light/spark/cell of our source essence flows patiently into the deep cosmic waters of our inner zero point, the void. She takes great pleasure in the body it embodies and laughs at the matrix behavior that is born from the many layers of the illusion of “I”. The more we are in harmonic zero point within, the more we begin to see through the false frequency/coded layers of this Holographic Mind Game. The game I like to call “find the exit back home”.

Zero point, all the frequencies/dimensions and geometry we need are within ourselves. Zero (the void) is where we transmute the dark false matrix code programs they have superimposed over our true light. Here we change matrix thought form into formlessness. To nothing. Out of nothing, pure source knowing is born. And every time we transform another dark matrix layer in our harmonic zero point, we get closer to the exit, our doorway back home. We go deeper and deeper and not higher and higher. If so, we would bump against the ceiling of the sealed Matrix hologram. To get out, we need to turn inwardly. During the process, we slowly begin to realize that we have been our own true source light all along. We could not feel and see it, because the matrix game with their many dark mind manipulation layers blinded us and made us believe that we are small and that we need their HIS-story, gods, aliens, geometry, ancient symbols, archetypes, astrology and mystical teachings to find our way back home, to our true source light. But all this is part of their game, it keeps you locked in their Matrix loop.

We all, are already our own true light, and everything we need, we can find within ourselves. Once we start believing that again, we re-discover that we are our own healer, teacher, student, alchemist, protector, cosmic mother, cosmic father, and soul light of transformation and activation. Our self love makes separation and lack disappear, and our deepest source cel essence has all the magical tools we need, to find our inner way back home to the nothingness.

My experience and awareness of where I am in this moment has taught me the above. Their ancient symbols, written history, geometry, gods, angels, archetypes etc. are part of the mind game to keep you locked in the Matrix. To keep you away from your own inner knowing, geometry, frequencies and harmonic zero/light fire of transformation and activation. Reactivating your own unique geometry and frequency, allowing you to open your own door to home, and “walk” out of this mind prison for good.

Above is a sharing born from experiences and inner truth from my harmonic zero point, the void. Take in what resonates with your heart, for that’s what’s needed for you in this divine now moment.

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