Mystical Oracle

Mystical Oracle

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Below the readings, you find the Oracle Messages and gallery with all the cards.

Mind-Heart-Soul reading


The Oracle Messages

0 – The Void
When the void finds you today, it is here to tell you that you are already there, that everything was always there in every NOW moment. Your journey back to your inner house of oneness, opening your heart completely and awakening as a love alchemist in your true golden soul light, by bringing home all your lost soul aspects, is your only mission here. In the deep and dark soul waters of the void, our zero point, we discover the true essence of our soul. Our sense of inner oneness, which disappeared behind the many veils of split perceptions formed by our manipulated matrix mind programmings. Our true being moves, beyond the senses, language and form. When we get here, we realize that we have freed ourselves from all the matrix programming. We come home to a constant state of inner peace and a deep realization that the void is our way out of this karma-matrix prison loop. Our matrix words begin to disappear, giving way to the source language of our soul essence, and our form begins to feel formless. Detached from the Matrix. From this empty, formless state of being, our new form as love Alchemist can take shape. Because form is emptiness and emptiness is form. And who knows, from this state of being, we can transform this holographic drama based matrix game with our Source Love Alchemy powers forever into nothingness. And what will emerge then? That remains the surprise, because the more we know, the more we don’t know. In the meantime, have fun in this game, because that’s all it is, a game.

1 – Free Yourself
When this card is brought to your attention today, it wants to remind you of the following; “An underlying sense of captivity doesn’t have to rule your life. You can change it at any time, if you decide to take back control of your thoughts.” Observe your thoughts today and if you feel a negative thought enter your mind, you say; “NO, not my thought, now leave my consciousness”. When you feel a positive thought enter your mind, you say; “YES, thank you, welcome in my consciousness”. Write down your positive thoughts and then repeat them before going to sleep and when waking up. Observe and enjoy the inner transformation that automatically follows. It’s a nice way to reprogram and recognize the conditioning mind programs that still need your love.

2 – Happy Childhood
Playtime! Sometimes the energies feel so heavy that we seem to forget that the way out of it, is simply allowing ourselves to become playful like a child. Child play makes us light-hearted again. We all have our creative adult moments, but when was the last time you actually played like a child? Just playing, without the energy of “what will someone else think of me”, the need for perfection and end result. Remember, we are never too old for a happy childhood.

3 – Heron Totem
You are moving out of a period of feeling lost and thinking very deeply about all aspects of your life. A time of introspection, soul-searching, inner reflection, and meditation is now ready to unfold towards movement. A shift from silence to action is upon you and different opportunities starts presenting themselves. From every NOW your future path unfolds. So stay in an observing and detaching state of being, when new movement finds you. Don’t jump immediately, take time to observe and feel into every opportunity. When needed, call upon the spirit of Heron for clarity. Heron offers you the gift of balance, allowing you to observe and perform many tasks at the same time, keeping it all in balance. If one way doesn’t work, then another way will.

4 – Songbird
The card shows a mermaid receiving a love message of hope and new beginnings through the song of the green parrot. Parrots are considered a symbol of love, playfulnes and good luck. When a green parrot enters your life, it wants to sing this love message to you; “whatever it is, whatever makes your heart sing, do it! And don’t hold back, even if it seems crazy or impossible”.

 5 – Soul Symphony
Within our bodyinstrument we have an inner symphony of 144 source frequency soul sounds, some of them or vibrating, others don’t because a matrix shadow program is repressing the vibration/frequency sound. Today, a soul frequency sound that was hidden, is ready to re-connect with you. It’s already singing and dancing in your heart, ready to fully vibrate open the shadowlayer/emotion above it, that needs your alchemizing love and light in this now moment. Ask your heart and soul what soulsound wants to come through, and trust that the sound that comes through is always the right one. The vibration behind the sound you are singing or speaking, is the vibration frequency needed to open up the shadow, illuminate and heal it with your alchemizing love and bring home your soul piece/aspect. You are the magician, you have been waiting for. It has always been you!

6 – Shoot the Arrow
You’ve been
playing with a new idea for some time now. Is it doubt what keeps it fading into the background? You have recently viewed the outcome of your idea from every perspective, and every time your heart starts to sing even louder. Today, this fairy shoots an arrow of trust into your heart, because now is the perfect time to make your first step towards your idea. The wisdom of white owl accompanies you in your flight towards the new. Fly beautiful soul, fly!

7 – Abundance
Abundance is always here, all you have to do is trust and believe! So when this card finds you today, it wants to let you know that NOW is a perfect time to change your perception and find the abundance that is already in front of you. Abundance comes in many forms, open your eyes and see!

8 – Body Devotion
If this card finds you today, it wants to let you know that your body needs your devotion. Where do you feel discomfort in your body? Start talking as a nuturing Mother to the consciousness of your bodypain and let the wisdom of your soul, love and body guide you towards the core of the pain, which is always hidden in a trauma emotion. And bring your love there, forgive yourself and the other that was part of the emotion/trauma and let go. Gut the cord, bring home your soulpiece and release the soulpiece of the other. When your body experiences you as its beloved, all boundaries that separate you from your body consciousness disappears. Body devotion, makes you dance with all that you are. A body at home in Devotion answers the scent of the flowers, the song of the birds and the healing frequencies in the silence. Devotion is loving yourself in every breath, falling in love with all that you are. When you allow yourself to be in this state of being, you live in a constant healing frequency. Being sick becomes a word that lives in a distant memory. A memory that lived within the self-imposed boundaries of the body and the mind.

9 – False Light
When this card is brought to your attention today, it wants you to become aware of a false frequency of light. False light can only enter your field if you invite it in, so do not pray or invoke angels and gods outside yourself. This matrix is ​​full of false gods and angels. Observe and don’t engage. Detach and only align to your own inner source soul frequency symphony and geometry. Everything is already in you! Invoke and connect only with the true love and light of your soul and focus on being in your zero point in every NOW moment. You are the multidimensional Alien, Magician, Alchemist, god and angel you have been waiting for. It’s all within you!

10 – Love Both Sides
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect! This blocks the growth of your consciousness. Your consciousness can only grow when you love and accept all that you are. The perfect and imperfect you.
This way you bring light to every shadow. Time to let go of the hardness and embrace yourself in love.

11 – Strength
Bird dragon’s strength and higher view, is sent
up from the core of your soul to assist you. Align to your inner consciousness of Bird dragon, and you will have access to the strength and higher view you need, to overcome a soul challenge. Bird dragon rare appearance is said to be an omen, foretelling constant harmony when you re-enter the core center throne of your soul.

12 – Energy Focus
If this arrow heads your way today, you are being asked to observe your current choices and intentions from a renewed perspective. Where do you shred your energy? It’s great that you’re so passionate and want to experience as much as you can, but if you want to cross the finish line toward a recently set intention, it’s wise to slow down a bit. Allow yourself half an hour of complete silence every day and ask
your inner soul guidance; “what needs my focus today?” And then give only this answer your focused energy that day. Know that whatever is meant for you always enters your life at the right time.

13 – Zero Point
Be guided by confidence as you bridge out of your final battle. Let yourself be carried away by the wind as you walk towards your true inner soulland. Let the soul waters purify you, as your inner river of light takes you to the core of your true soul spark and embodiment of infinite peace. Know that your inner nurturing Mother frequencies give you divine grace, compassion, forgiveness, clemency and a new level of unified soullight to quench your need to fight so that you can walk through your inner soul portal and become your true self. Connect every day consciously with your zero point and the deepest essence of your soul. See yourself moving through a unified landscape of peace, love, truth and freedom. Stop fighting the dark, just be your peaceful self as you focus all of your creation light on your own inner soulspark. Illuminate the darkness, so it looses its power over you. Let it all explode by embracing it all, so it can leave your being and source field for good.

14 – Unconditional
If the card of unconditional is brought to your attention today, you are about to experience a lesson about unconditional love. It is an essential lesson that we may all experience during our awakening journey back to our true light, the essence of our soul. This lesson comes up several times and the hardest lesson in unconditional love is often the lesson that has to do with our parents, if your parents already have left Earth, this lesson is experienced in an energetic way. A reliving experience of painful conversations can present itself through your mind. When this lesson is brought your way, you enter the process of unconditionally re-learning to listen to the silence behind the (conditioned) words they are sharing and instead of reacting from an old emotional layer, you re-learn to embrace every (conditioned) word from your source of unconditional love. You become the observer. In this state of being, you are able to observe the space behind the (conditioned) words, and therefore the emotion trigger disappears.

15 – Earth Mother
Your Inner Earth Elemental Mother lives in your spleen organ, and needs your loving attention today. She is your embodiment of self-love, self-care, carefree, peace, tranquility and healthy boundaries. When we get lost in feelings of unworthiness and worry, the energy of the spleen calls us. Sit with your body and talk to your spleen as a loving mother does. Place your active right hand on your spleen and speak lovingly to your spleen with the following words; “you are worthy and beautiful as you are, you
in peace and always loved”.

16 – Earth Father
Your inner Earth Element Father, who lives in your stomach organ, needs loving attention. He is your embodiment of clear thinking and balanced action. When you feel your mind is working overtime and creating doubt,
Stomach needs you. Sit down with your body and talk to your stomach as a loving father does. Put your active right hand on your stomach and address him lovingly as a father would do, and speak the following words; “you are not your mind and doubt, you are balance and clarity”.

17 – Natural Polarity
The reunion of your feminine and masculine energies, working together as one consciousness, is necessary if you want to move harmoniously within (love) relationships with each other from the natural polarity. Inner polarity and balance begins when you decide to become your own loving mother and father. We all need to grow up and become responsible for all of our mind-matrix trauma programming. We ourselves magnetize repetition and drama in our lives, through the shadows within ourselves that we do not yet love. When we are triggered by the other in a (love) relationship, it highlights a shadow in us that wants to be seen, so that we can take care of it, love it and demagnetize it in our Source with our parental love. Of course, keep a close eye on your own boundaries, because violence and mental belittling through manipulation is of course a situation that we have to say goodbye to. Also be aware that if you start making love with the other person, and deep down you don’t feel like it or there is an existing imbalance in your relationship due to recent triggers or transgressive behavior, realize that you open the door for sex magic. Which means that dark matrix beings from your imbalance can energetically hook up via a cord to drain your sexual energy.

18 – Hand of Love
Beautiful soul, you are carried by your Soulhand of Love. Trust all that is unfolding now, the pure heart of your inner child energy is in deep transformation. A new understanding and level of love is born. Embrace every feeling that wants to surface, dark and light. During this transformation, connect with the healingsounds and playing power of the dolphins. And know that after this deep journey of self-healing, you will attract the gift of pure love in all aspects of your life.

19 – Celebration
Soul family comes dancing into your life. This will be the beginning of many love frequency based unity creations. A feast of recognition and a new loving community home.

20 – Golden Cat
If the Golden Cat appears in your cards today, she wants to let you know that you can turn your current issue into a challenge you can overcome. A challenge that you gracefully overcome by moving like the Golden Cat. If you observe and approach the issue with affection and playfulness, the energy of your inner lioness power will transform the challenge into a positive mirror that will enrich your soul.

21 – Bird Vision
Bird creatures are excellent seers. Before you decide to make a life-changing decision, the bird creatures invite you to take a vision journey with them to gain clarity. Follow this given path by the Bird Creatures; breathe into your heart space until you see your inner bridge. Use all your imagination to find yourself here. When you go over the bridge, you will see a golden
mountain appear. If you tune into the mountain you see a cave entrance. Walk towards the entrance and enter your golden mountain. Inside you will find an elevator in the centre, that will take you to the top of your mountain. Once at the top, a bird’s nest awaits you. Take a seat in this safe nest and look in all directions. What do you see? Take the time to observe all directions. After a while, a bird comes flying towards you. It lands on the edge of your nest and looks you deep in the eyes as it sends you a message. Give thanks to the bird as it flies away and return to the elevator. Descend the mountain, go back over your bridge, to your normal waking state. Take your journal and write down everything that came through and all that you remember. What bird was is? In what direction a vision of clarity came through? Etc. Repeat this path if necessary.

22 – Royalty
The royal color wizard in the card wants to remind you of your infinite inner spectrum of colors. You can use your color palette as a source of power for healing and transformation. Because you too are a color wizard. You are encouraged to acknowledge and embrace your inner rainbow brilliance of your royal heart. Put on your crown and walk the path of your soul with a regal attitude. And shine your colorful royal light in your heart like never before!

23 – Purification
A Unicorn has come forward to assist you in your current purification journey. Unicorns are magical creatures born from your source of pure love. Their magical horn embodies the purest frequency of purification. Align to your magical inner Unicorn energy for a purification journey. Use your imagination to see yourself jumping on Unicorn’s back. A portal opens and the purification journey into your inner magical source field forest of pure love and purification begins. Believe, surrender and trust. Let the unicorn guide you towards the shadow within your inner landscape that needs your purification. A shadow can appear as a sick tree, a polluted lake etc. And purify the shadow with the horn of your unicorn.

24 – Dance of Love
When this card finds you today, you spiral into your soul’s dance of love. Once we fall in love with every part of ourselves again, we naturally return to our natural state of detachment. When we experience the fulfillment of love within ourselves, we attract love relationships that move like an ever-changing love dance with no boundaries and no expectations. Spiraling together beyond the illusion of time and space.

25 – Love Frequency
Yes, you are an alien, but you are here now. So be here, NOW. Everything is in you, so love you! You want positive change? Be your own positive coach. Start doing the following every day. Activate your love frequency at the start of each new day so that the connection between your physical self and your inner soul remains open and active throughout the day. You can do this by speaking lovingly and powerfully to yourself in the mirror. Look at your soul in the mirror and say to yourself: All that I am is here, NOW. And I see your beauty, my sweetheart. I love you and you are enough. From my harmonic center of inner peace, I only flow with my love frequency in directions that are enriching, loving and purifying for my soul, mind and body.

26 – Message to self
Your inner angelic self wants to let you know that it is time to renew your energetic field of sacred boundaries. Allow yourself to just be, for the foreseeable future. Be the example and the listener. Set new boundaries, and simply share your activated soul wisdom and self-healing tools with others when prompted. Just be the example for a while and focus on your self-love. Give others the space to relearn how to reset and transform themselves. Giving too much can cause an inner imbalance if you don’t take care of yourself. Being born into this earthly realm as a naturally empathetic giver requires us to be extra aware of setting our limits. They need renewal from time to time, now is the time. Remember that unconditional giving can only exist if you can also receive unconditionally from a balanced heart filled with the energies of self-love. And protected by an energetic field of healthy boundaries.

27 – Golden Dragon
When Golden Dragon is brought to your attention today, it wants to remind you that you have already anchored the golden light of unconditional love, unity and perfection in your heart and soul, from the moment your soul was born into your Earthly body. You do not have to ascend to become enlightened, for the golden light is already within you. Your golden connection to source has been overshadowed by the many manipulation mind programmings in this Earth Matrix realm. That’s all. Look at your shadows, go deeper
within (not higher), illuminate and transform them with your own inner unconditional love. Everything you need is already in you! Let the feeling of guilt slide off you, because you didn’t know any better. You couldn’t really see yet because of the shadows that blocked your clear sight.

28 – Inner Crystal
In the inner Landscape of the Metal Element, we find the crystals, stones, metals and minerals that together make our inner river of life sparkle with purity and let it flow in the right direction via their banks towards our source center. The woman in the card appears to be standing strong, with her crystal staff, in a landscape of water. But if we look with clear eyes, we see that the waters outside of her are everywhere, which tells us that there is no clear direction in her inner flow. In order not to drown in the many emotions, she holds on tightly to her crystal staff. The metal element landscape in us moves through our lungs (sadness) and large intestine (letting go). The inner banks of this woman are broken, therefore her inner shores are gone, causing her grief to move into all directions. She no longer knows which grief is hers or of another. Her anchor can no longer find her source center, because the Earth starts to feel like quicksand. To anchor herself again, she will have to build new banks from her own inner elements Metal landscape. We can build inner banks by setting boundaries so that it is clear to everyone outside of you, where your bank boundary begins and ends. That way, we can feel the grief that belongs to another come in when it hits our shores and leave it with the other. You don’t have to transform the grief of another. They need their grief for their own transformation process. Be an observing presence in your own anchored love behind the shores of your clear set boundaries, that’s enough!

29 – Metamorphosis
As you move deeper and deeper through your inner shadowscape of the matrix’s trauma-based mind manipulation programs. You will experience moments where you think “I’ve had it, please come and get me”. Do not resist the feeling of this thought, embrace and surrender to it. Knowing that we all encounter those feelings when we are in the middle of a metamorphosis. You are moving closer to your source core where your immortal golden soul spirit force circulates, patiently waiting for you to fully acknowledge and re-embody your Power. You too, have your own immortal soul spirit power! Let this knowing ease your body and mind so that you can easily flow through this moment of discomfort.

30 – Light Saber
If the
Light Saber card is brought to your attention today, it’s time to take a closer look at a feeling of discomfort in your Earthly body. Be the warrior you are and travel to the current feeling in your body that keeps teasing you. Where exactly in your body do you feel the discomfort? When you feel where it is, you step out of your physical body with your awareness. See yourself as a powerful warrior with a light saber in your hand. And observe where the energetic cord of the discomfort enters your body. Do you see it? Now cut the cord with your light saber. And get back into your Earthly vessel. How does your body feel now? Better? Remember, you can do this in every moment, just believe!

31 – Between Spaces
When you experience a period where it feels like you can’t put one foot in front of the other, experiencing a deep sense of fatigue, it means your physical body needs some time to anchor your renewed consciousness. You are in an in-between space, moving from one level of consciousness to another. A breakthrough is already underway. Your physical body is now anchoring and activating the energetic changes that took place in your soul during a recently experienced transformation of a shadow layer. Our physical body always lags behind our soul consciousness. Surrender to the process and take care of yourself. Know that this feeling is temporary. Once everything is fully integrated and anchored, you continue your soul path from a new awareness, truth and perspective, enjoying all the soul wisdom that comes with it. For now, have some patience with yourself and trust the process that is happening right now.

32 – The Earth Drum
When the Earth Drum appears in your cards today, it is letting you know that beating the drum is a perfect way to bring your Earth element back into balance. Drumming helps us to anchor ourselves deep in our core center. The harmonic zero point within. Where we leave our scattered mind and come home to the clarity, peace and love of our soul essence. If you already have a drum, now is the perfect time to drum yourself back to zero-point. And if not, this card is telling you that it’s time to get a drum and start using it to create more anchored peace and tranquility in your life!

33 – Imagination
If this card is brought to your attention today, the time has come to join your golden soul source light and bring every spark within. Be present with your focus in your harmonic zero point. The emptiness from which your imagination can conjure up infinite form in your own magical landscape of your inner source field. This card comes to tell you that your soul essence is ready to visualize your own first magical source field world, or the card comes to tell you to spend more time in your already created source field world. Through a simple visualization, you can enter your magical source field and create a magical world for yourself, a place where anything is possible.

Close your eyes, connect with your heart and visualize a door. Go through it and call on your soul to guide you to the center of your source field. The center of your original source power can be anything, a tree, mountain, water, house, etc. From your center source power creation, you go on a journey of discovery through your own created inner landscape. You can make your creation as big as you want. And you can change the landscape whenever you want. Everything is possible. Waterfalls coming out of rainbow clouds, giant butterflies you can fly on, portal trees you can travel through to other places in your creation, giant strawberries, raspberries and oranges, healing waters, elves, giants etc. You will experience over time that your inner source world will also be reflected in your “outer world”. So dreaming in your source world is creating your own magic! Doesn’t it work right away? Don’t give up, you can do it too. Keep repeating, focus on your zero point in every NOW and believe in your magical visualization, source power!

34 – Calming Waters
In the card, we see a powerful water creature that cannot get out of the water. He is feeling stuck. Despite being encouraged by the hummingbird, the owl, the dolphins and a fire fairy, he is locked into fear. Entering the Earth’s shores in order to rest, he experiences as an impossible task. Purifying the water is his job, and he doesn’t dare to stop. His fear of giving in to his tiredness reinforces the blockage in his willpower, the weakness in his legs, and his clouded thinking. To overcome his unfounded fear, he will have to face his fear and allow his fatigue. As a powerful water creature, he is allowed to be afraid and tired and if his water-purifying work becomes too much for him, he may also take a well-deserved rest break for himself. Only then, his water organs, the kidney (fear) and bladder (will) can recharge and come back into balance, so the illusion of fear can dissolve naturally in the purifying waters. And his will can be reborn.

35 –Lost Boundary
Hummingbird is here to mirror you a way to bring lightness and balance back into your emotional life. By examen your set Soul Boundaries. Once we have exposed and alchemized matrix programming/shadows with our love, we set a clear soul boundary for ourselves, keeping the programming demagnetized in our zero-point, as it were. But as soon as we fail to honor our the soul boundary we set for ourselves, because a desire related to that program comes to the surface, we pull ourselves out of our NOW from which everything naturally unfolds and place ourselves in the illusion of the future. Your former shadow program that was chilling, fully demagnetized in your harmonizing zero point, starts to magnetize itself again. Causing your soul boundary pillar to fall over and negative thoughts from that old shadow program can enter your field again. Which creates a mirror projection in your outside world. The outside world is our mirror in this Matrix game. What does your outside mirror projects back to you in this moment? What soul boundary you haven’t been honoring in yourself? Everything is already here in this Now moment. Future desires and identifying ourselves to characters and stories, are three very powerful illusions matrix traps to re-open old shadow programs, so negative thought forms and dis-balance re-enters your life.

36 – Chakra Illusion
If this card is brought to your attention today, it wants to remind you of the following. The chakras are part of the matrix’s lock-in system. We are already oneness in our deepest source within, and therefore do not need to open and connect chakras to become oneness again. This matrix knowledge has been purposely spread amongst the people to activate their matrix chakra system so that they can tap our golden source energy from us, through the crown chakra. To then send mind manipulation downloads into us again to confuse and slow down our process. Which results in more trauma repeating loops, chaos and imbalance within and therefore also in our outside world. They need our energy batteries to maintain their trauma-based holographic matrix game, which we call Earth. Release the chakras, because everything you need to find your way back home is within you! You are already enlightened and oneness in your own deepest soul core, your source. Not convinced yet? Just try it for a few months. Invoke nothing outside yourself, stop praying for you become the prey, leave outside information out the door for a while and only connect with your own body instrument, your own inner frequency symphony and geometries, the golden source power at your core, your soul essence and your unconditional love for yourself. And then observe what happens. Inner peace becomes a more constant movement, and the wisdom of your soul can finally reach you again through your deepest harmonic zero point of oneness that lives within you. Everything is in you!

37 – Soul Seed
Time to plant a seed. For the seed of a new you is ready to sprout. The NOW is the perfect time to plant a new seed in the earth and with it in your consciousness. As you nurture your seed with your intention and love, your “new you” seed will grow and blossom in the perfect moment. The bloom will begin when the new you is ready to be seen in all its beauty and power.

38 – Dive Deep
When Dive Deep appears in your cards today, it is a reminder that no matter how hard we concentrate to keep our thoughts positive, negative shadow thoughts that want to be seen will always find their way into our mind. And when they are there, dive deep into the essence of the emotion that feeds the shadow thought, observe it with your consciousness and transform it with your alchemical love. If you push the shadow thought away, know that it will keep coming back until you decide to perceive the underlying emotion and transform it into your harmonic zero point, your source. Where form becomes formless. Experience every shadow as an opportunity. Because it brings you closer to your deepest, purest essence of your soul.

39 – Emotion Mirror
If someone holds up a mirror to you, causing you to feel a strong emotional reaction. Breathe, observe the emerging emotion and see yourself as you are, in your shadow and in your light. Your emotional response is a valuable sign of where to turn your attention now for growth in consciousness.

40 – Follow the Flow
When you feel your natural flow of life is stagnated, challenge yourself to an intuitive journey. A day or maybe longer go on an intuitive journey, without a map, without your telephone and with no final destination. As you drive or walk intuitively, follow the direction of your heart and pay attention to the signs your soul is giving you. A powerful place or encounter will find you and enchant your heart. Once you fully trust your own intuition again and start living your life from the NOW moment, you automatically re-align yourself to the natural flow of life.

41 – Storm of Change
Celestial storms are pushing you forward toward great change. Connect with the nature kingdoms and elements. Be like the tree, anchor your roots deep in the earth. Be like the wind, enjoy all the directions needed to manifest your transformation of change. Be like the water, let yourself be carried away by the natural flow of life. Be like the fire, shine your powerful light, knowing that at the end of the storm a new you is born.

42 – Perception
As this card enters your consciousness today, it is here to remind you that perception is constantly changing, and therefore so is your truth and the truth of another. As you already know, or perhaps are hearing for the first time now, when we heal and transform a shadow layer of pain or conditioning, you activate a lost piece of soul wisdom, so to speak. Which makes your heart grow in love and changes your consciousness and perception of truth. Your soul wisdom will reach you in a way that you can understand in that moment. A period of integration follows, which means a period of self-care, rest and being in nature a lot. Your inner and outer perception automatically changes with you. What was a truth to you yesterday, you may experience as a lie the next day. Embrace this constant change of perception, don’t try to understand it, just let go of your old beliefs. What you perceive is true, but what the other perceives is also true. That is their perception. So can we judge someone else for thinking differently from us? No, because truth is nothing more than a temporary perception experienced from the consciousness the person embodies at that moment. Truth is perception.

43 – Soul Source
Through our unconditional love and golden light present in our inner soul source field, beings with impure dark intentions can manifest as loving angels, gods or galactic beings. They appear loving and in good faith, but the love they radiate is really your love that they tap into and use. To deceive you into believing that you can only reach the true light of your soul through the divine support from outside. As long as we continue to believe that we will be saved by galactic light family, angels and gods, we keep our source field open to deception and won’t find our inner doorway back home. Once you begin to believe that all is within you, and you are an infinite golden light of unity, wisdom and power, you automatically close your source field to all the manipulative ways the dark deploys within this matrix to slow down your process. Through their mind control, they can trap you in a loop of repetition and chaos. You have been oneness and golden light since birth. So BELIEVE and LOVE yourself. Two important words that get their true power when you start truly feeling it within yourself!

44 – Illusion
Beautiful light of infinite love, you are asked to observe your heart space very closely. Is an illusion knocking at your door? Be aware of the veil of trickery prevalent in this Matrix game. Train yourself to recognize these illusory energies of trickery. Ask your heart, what does truth feel like in my heart and what does trickery feels like in my heart. Believe that your sensitivity and direct knowing in your heart center will always identify trickery in time. Trust your heart consciousness and see through the illusion!

 45 – Upside-Down
If the energy of chaos is turning your life upside down, it’s time to renew your perception. The whale family sounds vibrate from the original source, zero point. Use these powerful zero point vibration sounds from the Whales to vibrate yourself back to your harmonic zero point of inner peace. Listen to whale sounds as you direct your breath to your heart center and experience your return to your natural centered position. Your harmonic zero point at the center of your center of your center. In the depths of your true golden soulsource.

46 – Eyes on You
If you feel that unwanted eyes are watching you in your energetic field. It is time to clear your Source Field, but also check with yourself where energetically charged physical things of you are present. For example, if you are an artist, there are many artworks present in other places. The people in those places are connected to you through the loving energy of your artwork, consciously or unconsciously. People with impure intentions, who are in the knowing, can easily reach and manipulate your field. I’ll take artworks as an example, but this could be anything, of course. A plant, crystals, your favorite chair you recently sold etc. Anything you gave your love to and decided to sell or give away.  Be aware of this and bring home your love energy. Detach yourself fully from the things that are present in other people’s houses. And cut the cords. You don’t have to get complicated about this, just state the intention. “I bring home to my heart, the love energy that is still present somewhere else, cut all energetic cords and detach myself now from all physical things that are present in other people’s houses”. 

47 – Soul Waters
Mermaid brings you into the realm of your watery emotions. It is necessary to swim deep in your water
rivers of tears, because only then can you truly heal. During this necessary period of self-renewal, be kind to yourself and be your own nurturing parent. Create enough alone time for yourself so that your tears can flow freely. This period will also pass, surrender to it and let it renew yourself. Crying is strength. It purifies and makes room for clarity and for the revitalizing golden healing light present within your soulsource.

48 – Soul Piece
A lost soulpiece from a “past life” cycle reset is brought onto your current path through another person. A meeting of recognition. Familiar and yet so new. A soulpiece and code exchange will take place. Through this exchange, you open a portal within yourself, which can bring a shared trauma soul memory to the surface. The memory in which a piece of both your souls got lost in each other’s core pain of this “past life” trauma. Bring your love to the core pain that you feel within your body and bring your own soulpiece back home to your heart and soul. A soul wisdom activation will follow, that will bring you both, into a new level of consciousness and love.

49 – Hidden Truths
When a crow enters your life, get out of your familiar nest and look beyond your current field of vision. Someone close to you speaks in a constant stream of words to confuse and mislead you. Hear the message behind the message by listening to the silence behind the words. This silence will reveal the hidden truth.

50 – Self Reflection
If the card of self-reflection is brought to your attention today, the answer to your question is already present in your consciousness and ready to rise to the surface of your earthly perception. Time for a moment of self-reflection. The card asks you to connect with the wisdom of the water consciousness and the hawk. Water will guide you through your inner stream to the source of the answer, and Hawk will activate your clear vision. And remember, if we don’t understand something yet, the answer from our inner consciousness will come through at a later time. Which is always the perfect moment. Just write down your question and let it go. Don’t tire your mind looking outside yourself for answers, this will only confuse you and pull you out of the NOW. Everything is already in us. The outside world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner perception of consciousness at that moment. Coming home to the consciousness of your soul essence is the greatest happiness you can experience, everything changes, and you become addicted to your own inner soul consciousness, your home. The best addiction there is.

51 – Uncertainty
A sense of insecurity is often born from a long-term or temporary lack of self-love and therefore a lack of self-confidence. Which in turn leads to a desire for control. Let go of control and trust that your soul boat will dock at the right time. And trust that your soul path will unfold exactly as it is intended, and all inner soul memories and wisdom will come to the surface of your consciousness in just the right moment. Everything is already here, you just need to stand in your trust and let go of time, for time is an illusion. The bars of the prison. The sudden changes that are coming your way now also come at the right time. Be flexible and ride the waves of change necessary for your soul growth. Trust your heart and intuition during this period of change, your intuition already knows your future path. Until the moment arrives where you are home again in your zero point and the essence of your soul in every NOW moment, your heart and intuition are the voice of your soul and inner truth. They know which seas to sail and which boat you need to get across the change
your in. Heron is the energy that accompanies you during this crossing into the new, she brings you confidence, balance and a calm clear mind. Let go of your control and step in to your trust, beloved soulfamily. It is time.

52 – Whale Energy
The Whale energy is here today to let you know that it is time to unlock the gift of attunement of your inner 144 soul frequencies within yourself. To help yourself and others to transform disharmonies present in your body instrument. All the soul sound frequencies you need are already in your heart. Trust your heart, because your heart knows! Your whale family and soul are ready to re-activate with you, your inner symphony of soul frequencies. Sing with the intent to demagnetize matrix programming in your source center, your zero point. Intuitively sing your soul frequency sound that comes through your heart, while listening to whale sounds to reactivate your gift of attunement. Now is the time to sing your soul song into the world. For we are all part of all that is and therefore the singing of your unique inner soul sounds will, over time, create ripples of positive transformation far beyond the confines of this Earthly matrix reality.

53 – You are Magic
Beautiful soul, when your inner energy of the magician settles in your heart, your consciousness reaches the language of the Elemental magic. Your realignment with your soul’s magical golden source opens up a world richly filled with wonders. The way you experienced nature before changes completely. Water begins to reflect your soul memories, stones and crystals take you on a journey, the trees help you illuminate your shadow roots, and the wind moves your soul into the right direction. Beautiful soul, feel the magic in your heart and start living your life from your inner smile.

54 – Dragonfly
A sudden, but necessary transformation and soul activation is on the way. Use Dragonfly’s power and ask for her guidance. Dragonfly shows itself in times of transformation. She loves to share her wisdom of transformation and adaptability with us humans. She teaches us to love life, to rejoice and to have faith in the midst of sudden necessary transformations. Give yourself enough self-love and time to embrace this transformation and integrate the activation.

55 – Animal Love
Animals teach us about being present in our NOW zero-point and the creator power of love: how to love, how to enjoy being loved, how loving itself is an activity that generates more love, radiates and includes an ever-widening circle of others. If you chose Animal Love today, it will either tell you that it is time for animals in your life, or an animal that is present in your life needs some extra attention and love, or has an important telepathic message for you. If your telepathic power is not yet working, know that there is another way to still receive the message. To receive the telepathic message, you can ask your soul essence and the soul essence of your animal to connect during dreamtime to show you a vision of the telepathic message in a way that you can understand and receive at this time. Express the intention to remember your dream. Be patient, because sometimes the vision of a telepathic message comes through a few days later.

56 – Water Passage
Your inner soul water portal of transformation and remembrance is wide open. An opportunity for new growth in consciousness and deep empathic healing. The dolphins encourage you to explore the depths of your inner soul waters. A blockage in your inner river, prevents you from shaping your future new self. Stop holding back your tears, let them flow and show compassion for all aspects of yourself. This is how you start the flow of purification and healing. Give yourself the gift of compassion, in your light and in your shadow. Your tears will activate your river of self-love and flush away your blockage so that your soul can embrace another step in consciousness through the transformative powers of your inner soul waters.

57 – Nurturing Earth
In the image, we see a mother nurturing her inner Earth Element. She waters her Earth to wash away her doubts and calm her mind. Which allows her inner magic to flow freely again in the NOW. What is the inner Mother Earth energy telling you? Is there a constant doubt present? Or does your head just not want to stop thinking about everything? Overthinking lives in your organ stomach and doubt in your organ spleen. Be your own nurturing mother and bring your inner calm and cooling waters to the organ that needs your healing love in this moment. Your organs can sense and absorb the healing love frequency present in your words, so talk to your organ like a loving mother and free yourself from doubt or overthinking.

58 – Lovesong
If you are still sensitive to external triggers, the vibration of your inner love song has not yet reached all parts of you. What if I told you that all the other people that pass through your life are just a reflection to help you remember where you still hold a sense of separation. Separation is the absence of your self-love. The absence of love in yourself becomes visible when a mirror from the outside knows how to trigger you in the illusions of, for example; rejection, envy, guilt and jealousy. Someone can only trigger you if you have not yet fully come home to your self-love. So everyone who crosses your path is part of the collective mirror field of love, because every mirror is an opportunity to illuminate what triggers you, with your love. If we ignore these mirrors and continue to point the finger at everything outside of us, we continue to attract a repetitive loop of triggers and experience life as empty and lonely. Experience the mirrors as gifts and vibrate in the collective love song with her many people mirrors, see them, love them in you and come home to your self-love. The place within yourself where loneliness does not exist.

59 – Dragon Key
If Dragon Key finds you today, it means you’re on your way to weather any storm. The dragon key to unlock your inner portal to your Source of Elemental Fire Magic is at your fingertips. It is up to you to find your key and open your inner Source Fire portal. Connect with your Fire element within and without yourself, make a campfire and set the intent to collect the key, unlock the portal and activate your inner Fire Soulmagic. Welcome home to your natural power, Fire Mage.

60 – Forest Wisdom
On the card, we see an elf on a branch playing with her butterfly. Deeply in love with her wings, flying between the highest branches of her inner Wood Element, her forests. Due to the constant desire to fly, she has forgotten to cherish all her roots with her love, in order to anchor herself even more deeply in her soul core. Her soul has so much to tell her, but cannot reach her at this moment, because the branches and the roots can no longer reach each other. The elf’s energy has become like a tornado, swirling in all directions. Decision-making has become an impossible task for her, which also blocks her creativity. And as soon as her feet touch the Earth, she begins to falter. As a result, the elf begins to experience feelings of frustration and anger. Fortunately, Leaf Dragon has the solution and gives her two sturdy branches. “Play the drums and unleash your frustration on the trunk of the tree. Sing or shout out your frustrations and ask the tree to help you root deeper into your harmonic soul center.” After an hour of voice liberation, the blockages were resolved and the inner Wood organs, gall bladder (decision-making) and liver (frustration-anger) were rooted back into their natural balance. Elf was able to make decisions again, her creativity started flowing, and her feet could finally feel the earth again. What is the message for you, in this story?

61 – Inner Fire
If the dragon sword of your inner fire is brought to your attention today, it comes to tell you that your heart protector has something to share. Your heart protector filters which emotions you allow into your heartspace and which you don’t. But if we are to let the flame of passion and the truth of our soulheart blaze in every moment, it is imperative that we now allow those emotions that were too painful to feel back then, pass through the protective gate of the heart. As long as we don’t, we keep ourselves trapped in a repeating loop of past pain. Connect with your inner fire element and consciously open the protective gates of your heart. Let the hidden emotions flow through the gate and purify the cords that connect you to the people who were part of that past emotion. Observe and feel them, and then let them go for good. Cut the cords. You are HERE NOW, and that’s all there is.

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