The lock-in re-incarnation loop technology

The lock-in re-incarnation loop technology

Nederlandse vertaling

This morning, my soul took me back for a moment to my first and only Ayahuasca experience. After which the lock-in reincarnation loop technology based on our thoughts became visible, at work within shadow layers/programs. Felt like sharing, for the ones who resonate.

The beings, let’s call them the Archons for the sake of convenience, who need our energy to keep this realm running, manifest themselves holographically through our present thoughts and make themselves visible in our lost soul aspect present in the shadow layer we work through in that moment. As long as we don’t recognize, love and bring home the soul aspect in the shadows, they can create confusion through this soul aspect and drain our energy. If you are not a seer, but you are a feeler, you bring your soul aspect into the shadow layer home by stating your intention. There are many ways, this was in my travels through the shadow layers, my way. As a seer, it manifests itself in images for me. Even if it is in the NOW, a completely different picture. More holographically moving like geometries. A good example of how Archons move through incarnation shadow layers in us, is my first and last experience during an ayahuasca journey in 2015. This was also my first time in which I perceived this realm as holographic inwardly. In that moment I experienced the journey as magical, not yet realizing what was really happening. But my inner sense of purity helped me. What was present in my mind manifested itself during the journey, the magician with the white long beard, appeared first and indicated to enter the throne, which was not yet visible at that time. Then I went through many layers of holographic square-shaped tunnels, and every time I had to go up another layer, a new geometry became visible, carried in the hands of two giant Tibetan monks. I focused on that and ploop I was a level higher again. Until I finally found myself in a holographic jungle and changed into the form of a lizard. The people who participated were visible to me as piles of black sand and the woman who gave the session together with her children became visible as a queen wrapped in spiderwebs, sitting on a spiderweb throne. The white-bearded magian reappeared and indicated that I should fertilize the black piles of sand and then enter the throne. Moving low over the ground, feeling my lizard tongue going in and out of my mouth, I crawled towards the first pile of sand, but felt I didn’t want to connect with it. Within the group of people I did the session with, there were still many masks present and therefore the energy of impurity. So I couldn’t connect with one pile of sand. The throne had no attraction for me either and I felt trapped in a landscape of impurity. In that moment I remembered that prior to the ayahuasca session, I had placed a little vase with wild flowers on the altar. Still in lizard form I rushed towards my flowers and the moment my nose caught the scent of the flowers I felt myself grow bigger and take on wings. I transformed into a butterfly shape and then spent the rest of the night just smelling my wildflowers, moving in my own love. I intuitively felt and saw the deception during the ayahuasca journey and did the right thing to get myself back into my own love bubble. Where they could no longer drain energy from me. The Tibetans were part of a shadow layer I worked through, an incarnation loop. I welcomed them home into my heart and soul. For they represented the lost soul aspects present in that shadow layer. At that time I also read the Tibetan book of death. After my soul aspects returned home, inner wisdom came through my soul about Tibetan Medicine, that I started using in my own inner healing journey I made with my body organs. The white-bearded magian was a soul aspect that belonged in a shadow layer connected to an incarnation loop in the magical forests of Avalon, where the magian wanted my sword. This sword was meant for someone else, he kept repeating. But I did everything I could to keep my sword, because I felt I would lose my strength otherwise. The chase ended when I realized that the magian represented the shadow in that incarnation loop, seeking the magic outside of myself, wrapped in a sword. He was the lost soul aspect I also brought home to my heart and soul. After this I let go of the searching outside myself and completely trusted my own magical inner powers and bodyinstrument. Both the Tibetan and the Magician represented the masculine energy that I brought home in the onness of my feminine love energy. Which made the child energy feel safe and the child wound demagnetized this matrix program. Because when we make our inner journey, we find out that everything in us is split, either the feminine lives in the shadows or the masculine. The two shadow layers that played out in this split matrix programming incarnation loop, presented itself in my metal element/landscape (Tibetan mountains), in the male emotion living in the large intestine, not being able to let go of sadness in my female lungs. And in the Wood element/landscape (the woods of Avalon), in the male emotion living in my gallbladder, unrooted, not anchored in its own magical power and therefore the woman was feeling unsafe, unbalanced and frustrated in the liver. After these two experiences, my large intestine/lung and gallbladder/liver had reset into harmonic zero-point, and felt healthy again. After which the miraculous self-healing journey through the landscape of my elements and the still diseased organs started to take on new forms, I started working with inner elements and mineral energy movements, colors, tones and geometries. A new landscape of self-healing presented itself.

Much love,


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