The center Earth simulation and its four main stations.

The center Earth simulation and its four main stations.

Nederlandse vertaling.

For those of you who follow me on YouTube, you probably remember when I talked about the blue sun being on again. I was brought there for a period of time to work on the lotus leaf technology, which became visible to me as parts of the basic grid of the “New Earth”. Finally, I saw it rising through the surface of this current Earth grid, as blue light. I thought at the time that we had fully exposed the swastika, the black central sun, transforming it back into the true blue sun. Now I know that the so-called blue sun is the Metaverse. The flip side, the summer land. If you don’t understand what I mean by summer land, take a look at the right Free Mason image below the text. Summerland, the land of the future, the next reset simulation round. The so-called days of darkness, I believe, is nothing more, than the flip moment to the Metaverse, in which the swastika black sun hard drive of this current simulation resets itself and activates a total perception reversal through Polaris. The 23 element/48 mineral path I talked about in my videos a year ago is nothing more than my programming/contract, which was activated on the 23rd of the year I turned 48 to do prep work for the Metaverse. I am laughing at myself now, because I was thinking that I was working for the “New Earth” = Metaverse, LOL. I worked in the 2+3= 5 elements landscape layers of the moon (programming dark) and sun (programming light), I turned it around in a way, making it ready for the Metaverse (diameter of moon and sun according to Free Masons is 32km). Experiencing the diameters in the element landscape as 32 layers of past lives and trauma, projections in both the sun/light programming and moon/dark programming. The 32 soul readings and portraits I started doing were also part of this same contract/program. I now realize it was to retrieve the “New Earth” Element connections and encodings. Of course, I also helped the other souls during this process to illuminate their inner active trauma/past life matrix moon/sun programmings in that moment. The current Earth simulation makes us believe that others hold “keys” for us, is also deception I now experience. It is the codes we carry for the next reset that we activate with our love. And through our “missions”, the so-called important galactic work that we do, we collect the codes and make the connections. I have reversed these connections and codes to love, 3+2=5. The so-called 5D new world, the Summerland (the Metaverse). Where all “New Earth Galactic” images are projected into the next reset, the Metaverse simulation. Fun fact, I was also born on the 23rd at 23:55 midnight. As a “5D” code translator and image maker (let me just give it a name for the sake of convenience, it is not my identity) I have translated the codes to images, present in the 3D, Earthbody-programs that everyone carries for the build-up for the next reset and worked with the 4D (moon and sun) for the new 5D (Polaris) Metaverse programmings. That’s how it became visible to me this morning. It was a bit shocking, I must admit. But fully resonates.

The 48 “mineral” layers that I have worked through similarly, are the 4+8 = the 12 North Star Polaris, galactic dimension experiences that are copied and projected through the lens of the star Polaris, and reflected into Summerland, the new Metaverse simulation. So me, but I guess we all have, participated in making the “New Earth”, Metaverse grid. And many are still on this path, in the illusion of the important galactic work for the greater whole. I don’t judge, I have been there, LOL. The black sun is the hard drive of this prison Earth simulation. Our body is the instrument, and in our element landscape, which in turn is linked to our organs, are the split matrix moon and sun programmings. The zero point I always talk about, weaving the program in the element/organ back to zero point, the core of the program which is in the center of the black sun, the swastika hard drive. This is what I believe to be true in the now. The Black Sun, the engine of this mindfuck simulation game. Here, a programming loses its magnetizing power. Are all programmings woven back to the zero-point center in the black sun hard drive, and you are at home in 100% self-love, then we feel the peace of detachment again through our love consciousness, in which we feel the connection through our golden spark and the void with the real creator (supreme source), so not the creator of this prison reset simulation. Which makes thoughts disappear and creates a peaceful NOW experience, knowing that you have found the exit. The void is the door. That’s how it feels to me now. Soon I will offer 3 free guided audio journeys through the Elemental Landscape via my website, including an overview with which you can easily trace through your body and emotions, in which elemental landscape there is a moon or sun program that may still be demagnetized. You can demagnetize them yourself via the three audio journeys. To familiarize yourself with the Matrix exit, the void, I advise you to listen to the guided journey to the void, facilitated by my dear friend Lalita Karoli, from Vermont.

Love Qizenna

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