Kristín Sigurðardóttir

Kristín Sigurðardóttir

Dear beautiful sister, Qizenna 

I want to thank you for showing me a new and a very effective way to love myself more! 

I first saw you in conversation on YouTube with another beautiful sister, Lalita Karoli. So I felt called immediately and knew then, that I wanted to get to know your work, and was lucky to get a chance to work one on one. For me, it was a powerful journey of self-love. Even though I have never heard of terms like, inner landscape, or the inner elements. That did not matter when the heart and soul know’s beyond words. After the sessions, feeling in the movements and using my water colors, Qizenna held space for me and guided me in the journey. I was so surprised and amazed of how much was released and how permanently materializing it is. 

I feel the shift and still am amazed that it is still balanced. 

For example: I have allway’s been a sweet tooth, over eating sweets, emotionally eating, just could not get enough lol! And allway’s battling, trying to stop the craving for candy, especially after work, when I was tired! I could not resist picking up a candy bars!! But now, today ohhh gosh…I walk past the isle of candy like a flight Stewards, just looking and observing. Going stylishly out with no candy in my bag, smiling !! Just don’t feel the craving any more! That, is a miracle to me !! The result of the balancing of my inner landscape! I have tried many different method’s and styles, and what not, so this is by far the most powerful one! And, in essence, simple and easy to work with. Connecting is the magic word and trusting what you feel! 

Neutralising the layers of conditioned programs! 

So, when Qizenna published the 1,2,3 element self-healing journey a few days ago on YouTube I was so happy, and started right away, knowing now the results in listening to my body instrument is where it all lies!! 

We are truly Alchemist’s and the power is within, and Qizenna emphasizes a lot on that, that’s what I love about Qizenna’s work. That’s love, in taking responsibility for my own body instrument, and learn more about self-love, and it’s healing powers. This is the best journey and I will continue on it, for I’m worth it! Thank you beautiful sister for showing me the way to self-love.  

With Love and gratitude, from your sister, Kristín 

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