Sarah Adams from the United States

Key Words

New beginnings
Unconditional love

If you have drawn the Diamond Matrix Love card, the message for you is to breathe deeply into the sweetness of your own heart. Place three fingers upon your higher heart just under the collar bone above your heart. Breathe the deep love and unconditional forgiveness of Divine Mother’s aqua silver love. Let your human self be enveloped in a starry stream of mother’s divine nectar and rocked sweetly in divine mother’s arms. This is a time of replenishment and rest as you open to receive the sweet blessing of unconditional love!

Andromedan mother love returns the song of Sophia to Earth and resurrects her daughter with her universal heart of unconditional love. It is sound love light codes that are the return of Sophia to the Earth. The diamond Sun Matrix is the body of the Christos Sophia. The Christos Sophia breathes through the higher heart and the energy of universal love. The breath of the higher heart connects us into our mother in Andromeda, the galaxy from which Jeshua and Mary Magdalene came and where the quintessential Universal love carries the capacity to breathe everything in duality back into the permanent oscillating Flame of God. The Diamond Matrix gives us the power of absolute forgiveness: to breathe as the one heart of the Divine Mother.

As we breathe from this place of great love, all disease is reclaimed into the living light. As we proceed through the ascension cycle, Earth begins to breathe her zero point plasma body light as she aligns more fully into Andromeda. Her sleeping body within begins to reconnect to the galactic zodiac, enabling delivery pathways for sound light love to reach her which begins healing and awakening the 12 tree grid of the Christos body lying dormant within her. This is called “The Body of Albion”.

As daughter Earth is reclaimed ever deeper into her mothers heart of Aqualasha in the core of Andromeda, the full zodiac connects and the sleeping masculine or “Christos” is infused by the sound light love of the feminine principle or “Sophia”, all creation is inseminated with the “immaculate conception nectar as Earth rises out of darkness and into the light, the living light code proliferates all creation!

Symbolic meaning of the Card

Embodying innocence, integrating the feminine energy and magic.

Unconditional love, union, balance, hope and new beginnings, Divine Feminine.

The harp, with its 7 strings, represented matter in its sevenfold stages, the atom, with its 7 spirals. And when the universe was to be formed, the Creator plucked one by one the strings of the cosmic harp which was encompassing all the vastness of primeval space, and the vibrations that thus radiated, precipitated the worlds. Then the Creator uttered the Great Name and all Its letters became gods that took possession of the 7 spheres of matter.

Pink Ray
Divine Unconditional Love, Adoration, Tolerance, Humanitarianism, Reverence for all Life.

Emerald Green Ray
Physical Healing, Prosperity, Abundance, Radiant Vibrant Health, Divine Feminine.

Golden Ray
Highest aspect of the Divine Father – Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

White Ray
Purity, the Immaculate Conception, Hope, Restoration, Resurrection, Ascension.

Sister in the card is Sarah Adams from America
A musician/ healer assisting you in the return to your divine blueprint.
Website: www.sarahhopeadams.blogspot.com
Facebook Page: Sarah Hope 

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