Georgia Cammann from the United States

Key Words

Innate Wisdom
Unconditional Love
Natural Freedom
Awe & Wonder

When this card appears in your reading its asking you to turn inward and connect to your heart of magic of innocence. Time to “RE” MEMBER what you have forgotten and see again with new eyes.

Children, the Animal Kingdom and Natural World hold the elevated frequencies of purity, innate wisdom, innocence and love without judgement. A place where you are loved for who you are and not in spite of it. This kind of magic creates AWE AND WONDER which can’t exist with the lower frequencies of fear, anger, and frustration. Leading by example, they are some of our wisest teachers as they often emulate the simplest yet most profound qualities needed to live our lives with true quality and joy.

It’s time to “RE” MEMBER what you have forgotten and see again with new eyes. It is not lost but simply buried under what you have been conditioned by other adults and society to believe. SPREAD YOUR WINGS beyond who you’ve been told you “should” be. This is the true nature of sovereign freedom, and your perspective is your Gatekeeper.

In childhood, you recognized that magic existed before you began to embrace a limited version of reality and yourself. This knowledge was part of your Natural State… the authenticity of who you are at the core of your being, and it is also directly connected to your purpose here. How can you fully know your purpose without seeing who you truly are? “RE” MEMBER

Interact as often as possible with children and animals and set the intention to “see” though their eyes. Play without limitations or inhibitions… get curious… let your imagination run wild… be the sacred observer. Doing this from your heart space has the power to create what you desire and in turn, also creates a better world for all beings.

The innate gift of the Natural World and all the Elemental beings who reside there, also offer you an unbridled, supportive opportunity to BE, play, sing, observe, dance, heal and connect with abandon. Your body is your channel. Imagine and FEEL the crystalline grid within the Earth as it rises up though your bare feet and connects you to the Source of All Creation. You deserve to be here on this sacred, sentient planet and in this Universe. What begins as a practice, can then become a way of life.

Every single thing is connected in some way in the great web of life. Microcosm/ Macrocosm. Uncovering your innocence once more, is one of your greatest gifts to yourself and the world.

Symbolic meaning of the Card

Gentle power & strength, expansive wisdom, remembrance of ancient gnosis, Goddess energy, family nurturance & support.

Power with discernment, clarity & freedom of expression, natural kingdoms, leadership.

Georgia reveals that Magic materialises the highest good for all when the Staff is wielded with Purity of Heart, Angelic presence, enhancing natural powers.

Crystal Ball
Magic, clairvoyance, innate knowing, channeling divinity, wonder & awe, 3rd eye activation.

Emerald Ray
Divine Feminine, Healing, Archangel Raphael, Element of Air & the East /Nature, Mother Earth & Elemental Kingdoms, Playfulness.

Turquoise Ray
Directly from Divine Golden Light of Creator, Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalen, Truth and Inspirational Integrity, Innate Wisdom.

Gold Ray
Diamond Light Code of Pure Source Energy, Gold Light of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

White Ray
Purity, Hope, Innocence, Awe & Wonder, Ascendant Heart Chakra, Archangel Gabriel, Master Serapis Bey.

The Sister you see in this card is Georgia Cammann from the United States. She is a Personal & Spiritual Guide & Mentor. A Shamanic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker & Writer.
Website: www.gacammann.com

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