Gemma O’ Rourke from Tasmania, Australia

Key Words

Cosmic Shamanic Connection
Glowing in the Flow

Beautiful heart of Love, you have chosen this card because you are engaging consciously in the blessed evolutionary pathway to becoming Lumino Christos. Along with sunlight, breath, earthing and intention for connection with Gaia’s Crystalline Heart and Pure Source Energy, acknowledging the sacredness of Water is pivotal in this transcendence.

You are the Emergent Bioluminescent Being on this card, coruscating brilliantly from the aquamarine depths with an evolving and eternal wisdom that enables safe passage into the harmonious shores of your own sacred heart and personal sovereignty. You breathe deeply the clear sea air of empowerment and sink deliciously into the soft warm sands of authentic self love and compassion.

Your essential shamanic connection to all of the elements Air, Fire, Earth, the Aether and the Sacred Waters of Mother Earth is becoming enhanced. Mni Wiconi is the Lakota American way of prayer, a complex honouring of Water which in simplicity means ‘Water is Life’. Mni Wikana expands to reveal also that ‘Water is Sacred’. Along with Gaia, the indigenous of all nations have carried this story in the DNA, the inter-generational etheric songlines of their own bodies. You know that Water is alive, conscious, listening to you, interacting with you. You share with Earth Mother an energetic vessel manifesting as a physical body that is 75% water and is ultra-sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, astrological and cosmic events. Through an electromagnetic toroidal frisson with the Diamond Light Codes that are opening codons and lengthening telomeres in your DNA you are becoming a magnificent capacitor, receiver and transducer of exquisite Love Light Energy. You are developing the capacity of conversion from carbon based physicality to the crystalline frequency of quantum presence. Water is an essential ingredient for this transmogrification to Crystalline (Christ-aligned) Consciousness.

The emergence of your New Light Body is exponentially enhanced as you honour the sacredness of Water and understand that it holds and transmits memory, information, sacred knowledge and connection to all things from the vast Cosmic Pleroma to the cells in our HUman blood. Japanese researcher Maseru Emoto revealed in contemporary scientific investigation the beauty of the crystalline structure of water. Capturing the most exquisite delicate snowflake patterns in microscopic wonder, he showed how in its purest form, Water is Mother Earth’s data bank. Transmitting and responding to vibrational frequency and able to be coded by vibrational frequency. By communing with Water in gratitude and love we are able to change it’s crystalline nature, purifying and upgrading its electromagnetic frequency through music, prayer and intention.

To integrate the essence of Water wisdom and the activation of the Diamond Light Water Codes we must become ~ Responsible ~ A responsibility not just to self but also with pure intention in service to the Oneness, to the collective humanity of whom we are a fractal in Divine Expression, a representation of Source experiencing itself in totality. You are choosing Response-ability because you feel this Oneness so much more intensely since the activation of your embodied ascendant Chakra at the Navel centre. A sparkling tangerine golden orange sphere of light that deeply enhances connection with Gaia and all sentient Beings, it is the energy centre of Community and Unity. It ushers in a symbiotic upgrading of your ability to respond rather than react to emotional, societal and environmental triggers with ever expanding connection, compassion, love and joy.

You are activated dear heart because you have plumbed the murky depths of your own subconscious, continuing to seek and live an authentic heart-centred life. You have cried the ancient healing medicine tears and will again when needed but only for precious moments now. Long gone are the vast stretches of endless ocean passage alone. It is over. Your connection to Divinity restored, was never lost. Safe harbour lies within. The life blood of the universe flows through your veins. You are more familiar now with tears of joy. You have learned to surf the tsunami, you know how to return from the labyrinthine underwater caverns of your own dark night journey. You realise you are not your shadow and that it is only the light shining on you that casts it for you to see ~ accepting, loving and integrating without judgement of yourself and others. Loving yourself with every breath you allow the Flow of Life and you Glow in this Flow. You are able to float peacefully in the eddies and move gently on the currents. When required you know how to swim purposefully to the shore with powerful strokes, emboldened and sovereign. No longer the need for fight or flight, you are transcending fear and choosing freedom by untangling yourself from the nets that others would cast over you. When flotsam and jetsam arrive on your Sea of Tranquility your navigational strategies are unlimited. You can be the observer now of your process and should the obstacle be deceptive like the hidden belly of the iceberg then discernment, self awareness and self love are your Polaris, True North. Your own Heart Star is your guide.

Our oceanic brothers and sisters the Dolphins and Whales have been the Vibrational Guardians of Mother Earth in alignment with Crystalline Consciousness (Christ~aligned) and in harmonic resonance with the Cosmic Heart of Source Energy during the time of our unconscious lack of care for her. Since the Fall of Atlantis, with aeonic generosity they have held the frequency of Unconditional Love and Acceptance through the Brilliant White and Platinum Rays until our evolutionary return to alignment with Galactic Centre and the opportunity to swim with them in the vibrant viscous lake of Unity Consciousness. As we surge upwards and reclaim our original blueprint initiating integration and embodiment of the 5th Dimensional Ascendant Chakras, activating the Diamond Light Body and entering the state of Galactic Human experience we become even more connected to beautiful Gaia and her Waters which originated in the Stars. Because the accelerating photonic light amplifies any distortion, our Cosmic~Shamanic connection with Gaia is essential. It is through committed, conscious, compassionate, consistent spiritual practise that we are able to remain grounded, balanced, heart centred, uplifted, able to transcend dimensions and manage the intensifying cosmic photonic frequencies, electromagnetic surges, plasma and gamma ray activations.

You are now sourcing and ingesting the highest quality water to nourish and cleanse every aspect of your physical and energetic bodies to enhance and accelerate a crystalline transcendence as your DNA re-strands and becomes more liquid light. You are allowing our Sun, Solaris to kiss bare skin with ever intensifying light codes, Earth Mother to infuse your body with a cleansing Negative Ionic charge and harmonious loving support as you walk bare foot earthing to her crystalline core. Plunging into or being close to her exquisite bodies of water, the oceans, lakes, streams and waterfalls you are bathing in the Bliss of what it is to Be Human. Being in nature, communing with our soul mates the animals, birds, insects, plants, trees, rocks and sea creatures your consciousness expands exponentially, your heart opens in incremental waves of raw beauty, your connection to Fifth Dimensional Gaia, to the Universe and to the Divine becomes your new ‘normal’. You are choosing in every breath now to align with the highest frequencies and intending for a continual, inexorable and ecstatic surge along the Timeline Wave of Self Love and Unity Consciousness which you now know to be one and the same.

Acknowledge now the Sacredness of the Waters of our Earth Mother as it flows in an Infinity Loop, ~ evaporating into the atmosphere, precipitating back to her in mystical magical ways including through the blood in our bodies to the mother’s womb and the new life it creates and sustains. If you are a woman reading this message, feel blessed sister to be the vessel for this Divine Grace. Brothers hearing this message know that it is part of the blueprint you embraced to participate in this exquisite graceful flow by being the guardian and protector of the Woman and the new life she carries. The watery amniotic essence of our male and female creation now is not just new life but New Earth. You dear heart will enhance integration of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, allowing and enabling the alchemy of the Diamond Light Water Codes to enhance fusion of the Gold and Silver Rays into the Rose Gold Ray of Sacred Marriage. In the micro~cosm of your own heart this Sacred Union will reflect macro~cosmically for the whole. By honouring the sacredness of water, you begin to radiate this Liquid Love Light with joy, innocence, grace and purity.

Sacred Honouring Ritual

In or close to the Waters of Gaia, your Heart Centre connected to her Crystalline Heart and Divine Source Energy…

I honour the Sacred Waters of Life. I Bless all waters across space, time and dimension with Divine Christ Light and am filled with gratitude for this Abundance. In this now with deepest gratitude and love I bless the water that I take into my body. I honour and bless the water that allows me to cleanse and heal and play in joyful rebirth every day. I love and honour Gaia and myself by remaining conscious of this liquid love light connection. I feel and know my own Bioluminescence expand and allow this blessing to return to me with humility and grace. I notice the myriad of multidimensional, mystical and magical ways that it does. And So It Is”

Symbolic meaning of the card

Whales & Dolphins
Cetaceans ~ frequency holders of Higher Consciousness, Wisdom Keepers, The Elohim ~ creators of the Material Universe chose initially to experience their creation through the form of an Orca like amphibious Being, Cosmic Sonic Communicators of Peaceful Power, Dolphin~HUman Atlantean dwellers, Emotional Rebirth, Expansion through Joy, Play. Swirling Oceans & Waters of Gaia. Mother Earth’s Veins and Arteries, her Life Blood originating from other celestial Beings. Nurturing and nourishing, connecting and communicating, cleansing and clearing.

Infinity Loop
Lemniscate of sustainability across all representations of Icosahedron Energy. Emotional Energy ‘Allow the Current to Carry You, Allow the Abundance to Sustain You’.

Diamond Light & Water Codes
Crystalline Diamond Light from Source Energy through the Great Central Sun and the inter dimensional portal of Galactic Centre via the Sun, Solaris is transformed and expressed as the liquid light codes in highest quality Water. The Diamond Light Codes of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are gifts that have been given to the evolving Galactic Human to assist in remaining balanced and centered, empowered and sovereign as we raise consciousness in challenging situations and as early way showers within the heavy density of 3D.

Alchemical Colour Rays
As light quotient on Mother Earth increases, with each Cosmic Moment/ Harmonic Convergence/ Cosmic Trigger/ Nodal Point ~ Master Rays, Healing Rays, UltraViolet Spectrum, Diamond Light Rays and Rainbow Light Codes become incrementally available for co-creational anchoring with 5 D Gaia. Etheric DNA activation via light allows the processing and integration catalysing the keys, codes and memories that are restoring the Galactic Human Template.

Cosmic Pleroma of pastel Pinks and Turquoise
The beautiful, universal , expansive, omnipresent totality of Divine Power from the Original Source Point. The Cosmic Soup Essence of All That Is. Energy of Ascendant Activated High Heart Chakra ~ swirling soft pink/aqua colours through purest white sphere. Archangels Christiel, Chamuel and Universal Angel Mary.

Diamond White Ray
A fusion of Ice Blue and Crystal White the concretised energy of Archangels Gabriel and Hope, a Reflective Ray or Purity, Clarity, Eternity, Truth, Honour & Divine Purpose, taking us into Higher Dimensions. Ray of Ascendence.

Turquoise Ray
Aquamarine essence of the New Age of Aquarius. Direct Ray from Golden Light Source Energy representing Divine Feminine and Magdalen Energy. Water Consciousness.

Pink Ray
Transcendent Cosmic Love, Peaceful Feminine Love, High Heart activation Compassion, Appreciation of Beauty, Balance, Harmony, Grace. Elohim Heros & Amora.

Rose Gold Ray
Blending of Silver (sustainability/feminine) and Gold (keys codes, activation/ masculine) Rays of the integration within Higher Self/Self ,Twin Flame Energy resulting in Sacred Union ~ Heiros Gamos.

Sapphire Blue
Crystalline Blue of Knowledge & Wisdom, Willpower & Faith Powerful Communication, Strength, Protection and Healing. Divine Masculine.

Topaz Blue
Pale blue crystalline Ray of the New Age which ushering in the Great Changes materialising as Earth Changes and Individual Transcendence. Cohan Lord Kumeka.

Lilac Flame
Enhanced Violet Flame ~ Archangel Zadkiel. Flames are the accelerated, intensified ignition of the corresponding Ray. Violet Ray is individual and cosmic transmutation. Lilac fire an intensification of this micro and macrocosmic quality.

The Sistar on this card is Gemma O’ Rourke from Tasmania, Australia.

She is an Artist, Intuitive Shamanic Healer & Teacher, Awakening Coach and Spiritual Mentor. QHHT, Quantum Healing, Hypnotherapy, Yoga & Meditation, High Vibrational Living. Intuitive Readings, Numerology, Crystals, Reiki, Light Language Activation.

Facebook Pages: Gemma O’ Rourke 
Instagram: gemmaluminouslife

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