Devon Sophia from California, United States

Key Words

Inner Child
Rainbow Light Codes

If you have chosen this card today, you are asked to connect with your inner child. Your Inner child wants to play with you and help you remember the pure light of your own divine nature and playful heart.

She listens to the heart beat of Gaia, as it echoes through her being. With or without offspring of her own, she mothers the Children of Light by holding space for their earth school learning, freedom and wisdom shared. The rhythm flows into Divine Action and Her spirit nurtures and protects these Children of Light, so the Light of their being is illuminated and strengthened in the center of their soul, in every heart beat.

If this card has found you today, the Rainbow energies invite you to connect to the Cosmic Energies of the Rainbow Mother inside you, through working in a playful way with the Rainbow Children of Light. That could be as a teacher, artist or healer. Create a fun event that makes your innerchild happy and invite the Rainbow Children of Light that are close to you. Children from your neighborhood or your family and friends. Go have some fun in unity by singing, dancing and/or expressing yourself through the arts. Observe and feel the younger generation of Rainbow Light children and let them awaken your innerchild heart of playfulness, innocence and wonder.

Know that you All are amazing Rainbow Mothers and Fathers of Light! There are many arriving to the planet at this time that are born… knowing and fully awake. We all have our roles in bringing in these Codes of Light, some enter into this lifetime fully activated in their crystalline light consciousness. Our role is to nurture these souls, hold safe space, sing, dance, play, and watch Divine Light and Love expand across Gaia.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Cosmic Drum
Echoing Gaia’s heart beat, harnessing the natural rhythms of the Earth, tapping into the Cosmic Tonal Frequencies, supporting divine action and encouraging playful creativity.

Butterfly Wings and Feathers
Playful innocence, wonder and new beginnings. Wings and feathers of the natural world and also representing the Angels who who guide the new Rainbow Children of the Light.

Pink Heart Flower & Coronet
Flower Essence Energy of Activated Heart ~ unconditional Love and acceptance with Crown open to re-awakening and re-membering the Cosmic, Innate & Ancient Wisdoms, Gifts and Talents. Beauty, grace, art, gentleness & delicate sensitivity.

Gaia Sophia
Cosmic Mother embodied as our Earth Mother, supports and nurtures the children and the Innerchild in everyone, showing the Way and holding the Frequency of Highest Divine Light and Love. Her Enlightened Consciousness revealing New Earth in Rainbow Magnificence.

Rainbow Rays
Convey the essence & totality of all Living Loving Light Consciousness expressed as Color Rays in the Rainbow. All the Colors emanate from Original source Point… All That Is. The Neon intensity and the full color spectrum including the Ultraviolet Rays and frequencies of the Diamond Light Codes and Ascendant Chakra Energetics, saturating Mother Earth and all Beings upon her into the New Earth Frequency of Christ Consciousness. Iridescent Rainbow Bridge to 5th Dimensional New Earth.

The sister on this card is Devon Sophia. She is an intuitive energy artist, sound channel, and teacher that lives and thrives in California United States. She began her interest in energy work in Alaska, and is a trained Reiki Master. Her artwork is energized with frequencies of divine light, sound and color. She started singing before she learned to walk, and from a choral background, she moved into sound healing through her voice. She has been facilitating toning circles in Northern California for over a year. Furthermore, she has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in the Media Arts.

Devon Sophia aligns with the sacred lineage of the Divine Sophia, deep feminine wisdom, and deeply honors the Priestess Path, the Sacred Sisterhood of Sophia, and Her Beloved Logos. She brings Sophia to the heart of her I AM Presence in union with Christos, Crystalline Inner Light and Love.

Website: www.devonsophia.com

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