Francis Heynd from the USA

Key Words

Surrender/ Immersion
Cleansing / Regeneration
Self Love / Compassion
Transformation/ Trust

When you have chosen this card today it’s helping you remember that you are a wave on the ocean of life and the ocean itself. Time to allow the element of water to cleanse and renew your soul. Go play with the water and feel her waves wash over you.

We spend 9 months in the womb and are at least 80% water. Become one with yourself. Speak with kindness, compassion and love to yourself and feel your cells respond. Learn to surf the waves of life! Immerse yourself completely in the ocean energy – powerful, cleansing and renewing.

In watching Dolphin in nature its peaceful personality becomes obvious. There seems to be no conflict with other sea creatures, nor humans. In this regard Dolphin can be regarded as a diplomat who builds cooperative bridges between humankind and nature, and particularly the element of water. Greek mythology tells us that Dolphin Spirit carries the spirits of the dead to the next reality. From a symbolic standpoint this gives Dolphin the additional meaning of rebirth and renewal. Many people who work with Dolphin energy find their lives transforming (where one door closes, another opens). Throughout the process of change, Dolphin provides courage, self-confidence, virtue and strength to endure tumultuous waters.

Sacred geometry is the basis of all creation. In sacred geometry, Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Life oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron’s Cube which contains all of the geometric shapes in God/dess creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God/dess has made. This card is a very powerful totem for you at this time. You are going through or about to experience a transformation in the form of rebirth and renewal.

Allow the Goddess energy to work through you. Allow the waves to wash away anything that no longer serves in your life now. This may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but likely on all levels! Learn to work with the energies in this card for your highest good. Above all learn to surrender to what the universe has in store for you and allow the oceans waves to carry you to where you need to be. Trust! All is unfolding perfectly.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Transformational rebirth and renewal. Emotional resurgence. New Life. Bridge between the elements, humanity, cosmos and the earth.

Metatrons’s Cube
Sacred Geometric Physical and Metaphysical representation of Abundant Energetic, Enlightened Life, Flow and Creativity. Activated Etheric Structure of Merkaba.

Nautilus & Golden Mean
Continuous feminine curves of Nautilus & mathematical ratios reveal Divine Connection between the Harmonics in Nature evident in the Golden Mean Spiral and Sacred Geometry. Spiritual Awakening and Unfoldment. Beauty, Balance and Grace.

Creation, Manifestation, Magic, Peaceful Power when wielded by Pure Hearts.

Turquoise Ray
Aqueous flowing emotional presence. High Heart Activation and the Divine Feminine aspect of the Golden Source Light.

Topaz Blue Ray
The Crystal Blue of Lord Kumeka requires a clarity of Vision through
transformative cleansing and washing away of the old to anchor this Master Ray of the New Age.

Magenta Ray
Highest Sacred Masculine Aspect of Divine Creator Intelligence, Ray of the Avatar.

Diamond White
Ray of the High Priestess, Purity, Divinity, True Mastery, Cohan Serapis Bey, Crystalline Consciousness of Clarity and Truth.

The sister on this card is Francis Heynd from the USA. She is here to anchor in the light in her own unique and sacred ways. She makes beautiful natural Ocean crowns, for all woman who wants to honor the goddess in herself. In the now, she has no website and Facebook Page. But keep your eyes open for Francis, because her crowns will find its way to humanity in the near future.

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