Likita from Hobart, Australia

Key Words

Soul Crystal
Akashic Record
DNA Double Helix

Deep within the heart of Gaia Sophia lies a multidimensional space, out of phase of 3D reality, connected to the past, present and future. The crystal cave is a library or store-house which holds the Akashic Records of every soul who has ever existed, or is yet to incarnate, on the planet. Each Soul Crystal holds the remembrance of every earth lifetime, past and present. At birth all the information stored within your personal crystal is activated and transferred into the multidimensional space within your DNA.

This becomes your personal Akashic Record and with it you hold the wisdom of the Ancients.

All that you ever were is information and energy stored within the double helix of the DNA. With this remembrance you can now access all the wisdom and knowledge from past learning’s, gifts, talents and potentials. If this is your choice we offer you the gift of clarity.


Symbolic meaning of the card

Staff with Topaz Crystal
High Priestess with the Staff of Regal Discernment & holding Clarity of Vision, the qualities required through Alchemy to usher in of the New Age via the Topaz Crystal Goddess Headress. Lineage of Spiritual Royalty, Compassionate Power, Cosmic ~ Shamanic Connection.

Amethyst Crystal
Spiritual growth & enlightenment, Deep Healing & Protection.

Deep Emerald Green
Clarity, Mysticism and Healing, anchored by those who are profound seekers of Truth, Higher Wisdom and Understanding . Cohan Master Rakoczy . Power to assist others to a higher level of consciousness.

Emerald Ray
Divine Feminine, Healing, Nature, Mother Earth, Archangel Raphael, Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia.

Magenta Ray
Divine Masculine frequency a direct Aspect from the Golden Source Light, Soul Star Chakra Activation enhancing remembrance of Ancient Wisdom, Gifts and Talents.

Topaz Blue Ray
Brings the energy of Great Change, the Metamorphosis out of Density with clarity of Vision required to be able to anchor this Ray of the New Age. Aligned with the Aquamarine Ray of Clarity in the Age of Aquarius. Third Eye Activation.

Sapphire Blue
New Master Ray and Crystalline Ray of powerful communication of knowledge, wisdom and truth. Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.

The sister on this card is Likita. She currently lives on a large Island in the magical land of Oz. She was born into an awakened family, however she also needed to experienced her own trials and setbacks along the way for her personal soul expansion. Just like we all do. Likita prefers to work behind the scenes and on the inner planes, functioning in a multidimensional reality as well as in 3D. While she clears her own traumas and ancestral timelines she is also healing the collective. She utilize focused intention along with sound, crystals, geometry, earth energies and galactic energies from the cosmos to affect change in the field. She can be contacted through email at elkaymar@yahoo.com. Facebook Page: Li Ki Ta

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