Anna de Santis from Toronto, Canada

Key Words

Soul Path

When you have chosen this card today the flower of light within you wants to express itself through dance. Dance your sacred Dance. And activate the remembering of your Light flower and blossom forth your sacred light for the greater good of humanity.

She brings in the light, that which activates the sacred light – the patterns of the Flower Of Light within others and herself, therefore then spins and weaves with light according to the Patterns in the Flower of Light as a lightweaver soul. And therefore also with life mission and purpose and fulfilling it. I illuminate and activate you into stepping into your highest soul path.

Little Flower of Light – weave those strands of light.
You can, and magically so.

Little Flower – do not settle for less than the truth of
who and what you are at soul level.

Little Flower – how long will you wait?

The time is now for you to remember and to
blossom forth for the greater good of humanity.

Humanity needs you right now

Little Flower.

It is time.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Flower of Life
Hexagonal harmonic symmetry forming a template for all the Platonic solids of Sacred Geometry from which all Life Springs. Building block of Organic Life.

Magdalene Flower
Infinity spiral originating from the teachings of Mary Magdalene encompassing all the requirements to live in embodiment of the Christ Consciousness.

Vesica Pisces
Two circle intersection, mystical conjunction of the spiritual with physical world. Root element of the Flower of Life it represents the divine Offspring of God/Goddess Union.

Mermaid Energy
Goddess of the Sea, the Mer and Dolphin people of Atlantis held high vibrational frequency of truth and wisdom. Know Thyself ~ To Thine Own Self Be True.

Crystalline Conduit
As a Sacred Lightweaver threading the Crystalline Christ Consciousness through her Physical Body, the Mermaid Goddess Embodiment in Anna shows how to connect the Sacred Geometric Energetic Origins of Life down through the Cosmos and the Heavens to the Earthly and Human dimensions.

Cerise Ray
Quan Yin assists anchoring of the Pink/Red Ray of an activated Open Heart Chakra, This Ray is here to Re-empower women in the New Age. Supporting the return of the Goddess and elevating the Divine Feminine in Men.

Pink Ray
Transcendent Pink of the Sacral Ascendant Chakra when embodied signifies a transcendent unconditional Love for all Beings and all Life. Creation. Archangel Chamuel.

High Heart Activation. Divine Feminine aspect of Golden Source Light. Water, Emotional Life Mastery.

Saphhire Ray
Archangels Michael and Faith assist manifestation of Powerful Communication, Strength and Healing. Transmission of Ancient Wisdom.

Diamond White
Crystalline energy of Purity, Eternity, Clarity, Truth, Honour and Divine Purpose.

The sister on this card sharing the message is Anna de Santis from Toronto, Canada. Anna is a Quantum light body weaver and Cosmic Conduit who uses powerful, divinely -guided healing techniques to bring your physical body into balance. Anna also serves as a Cosmic Conduit assisting you to clear blocks, transmute energy from past lives, transform old patterns and clear your channel so that you can tune in more easily and consistently to higher levels of consciousness.

Facebook page : Anna de Santis

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