Caroline Mourdant from Chesham, United Kingdom

Key Words

Harmony & Balance
Sacred Union
Shamanic Cosmic Connection
Sexual Power

Deep inner and outer Balance. Now is the time to embrace and feel all that you are in your Wild Heart to become fully alive and connect to yourself. The time has come for you to express your unique talents by following the passions of your heart.

We are at the Gateway of New Earth. Balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies in equality and equanimity, creating Harmony. We draw nurturing, support from our Earth Mother Gaia to align with Source flow above. In our expansion as walking Masters our Infinite Loving Wisdom transforms the old Templates bringing in new Codes of Unity Consciousness. From deep in our Womb & Hara Centers as Women & Men we are releasing our Sexual Power that has been repressed through shame keeping us dis-empowered across the ages until Now.

Symbolic meaning of the card

White Spirit Owl
Assisting connection your Innate and Loving Ancient Wisdom and intuitive knowledge. White birds indicate Purity, Integrity, Love and Innocence. Activation of the claims, able to see and hear, navigate with grace and ease in the darkness.

Infinity Symbol
Represents the Infinite Self, the Eternal Soul. The rhythmic, flowing balance of Male and Female energy. Lemniscate shape derived from the Ourobouros serpent which swallows its own tail depicting immortality, self realization and eternal return.

The Ancient Stone Formations
Found all around the world, they are here to help us activate our inner ancient knowledge, assisting with our journey of empowerment. Maybe you have been drawn to an ancient stone formation. If so, now is the time to make that journey. And allow Spirit Owl to lead you.

Serpent Engraving in Stone
Serpent is powerful healing portent and represents sacred sexual energy and sexual healing. Creativity and Creative Life Force. Kundalini Shakti Activation.

Turquoise Ray
The Divine Feminine direct aspect of the Golden Light of Source. Goddess Energy.

Magenta Ray
Sacred Masculine energy, a direct aspect of the Golden Light of Source.

Cerise Pink
Quan Yin and Magdalena energy, Open Heart, acceptance and unconditional love.

Emerald Ray
The Divine Feminine Ray governed by archangel Raphael and Mother Mary brings Planetary Healing through the Return of the Goddess. Nature & Earth Mother.

Deep Emerald Green
Lord Rackoczy assists the anchoring of this powerful Master Ray to enhance Clarity, Mystical Wisdom and Healing.

Rose Gold Ray
Manifests when the Gold and Silver Rays Merge into the Sacred Union , Self/Higher Self Merge.

The Sister on this card is Caroline Mourdant. She lives and works in Chesham, United Kingdom. She is a Cosmic mother to her Crystal children and to all children that crosses her path. As a Self Love Encourager, Unity Consciousness Pioneer, Plant Based Nutrition Advocate for Wellbeing & Sustainable Living, Twin Soul/Mate Relationship Guide and Exit the Matrix Guide TULKU, she brings forth her healing and guidance to assist humanity during this global ascension process towards the Golden Age.

Facebook Page: Caroline Mordaunt

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