Gillian Hahn from the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus, South Africa

Key Words


Listen, Mother Gaia is calling you. She wants you to spend more time in Nature. She and all the Elemental Kingdoms are here to help you to “ be here now and now be here”.

Deep within us, we all have the Light to guide us, It shines brightest when you walk in Nature, that is how your light is recharged, so feel the breeze against your skin and hear the bird songs, look up at the moon and the stars and know that you are part of it all, be kind to others, be gentle with yourself, Namaste.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Water Energy
Water signifies E-motions, energy in motion a power to be harnessed with Love rather than fear driving the Heart Centered Feeling into This Now. Powerful Diamond coded Consciousness on Mother Earth inner connecting with all sentient Beings.

Cosmic Mother
Star Mother overlooking all as the canvas of creational force, the Magnetic crucible from which the blade energy of masculine building and doing emanates. Divine Feminine.

Pineal Stargate
Diamond Crystalline Activated 3rd eye allowing Higher Consciousness, unconditionally loving perspective.

Inner-dimensional Portal
The fabric of Time and space opening via the Nautilus Sacred Geometrical Spiral of creation allowing deep inner connection to Self with Higher Self Consciousness.

Pink Ray
Pure, Cosmic, Unconditional Love. The soft Transcendent Pink of the 5D Ascendant Sacral Chakra bringing a Transcendent Love beyond time and Space into Presence.

Violet Ray
Powerful cleansing, clearing Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. Clearing the Old Timelines to enhance staying in the Here and Now.

Flowing waters energy encouraging us to float with the flow of life and be guided easily around obstacles without resistance, knowing we are safe in this Now. Divine Feminine.

Sacred Masculine direct from Golden Source Light Ray. Activation of Soul Star with Archangel Mariel assistance brining in ancient Talents, Gifts and Abilities from across dimensions and lifetimes.

The sister on this card is Gillian Hahn. She works and lives in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus, South Africa. She is a landscape painter working very closely with Nature to capture her plain air, impasto style oil paintings. She would like the people who see her paintings to be moved to a place deep within themselves where they feel their own connection to Nature on a very primal level, a deep love. Furthermore, she gives several workshops. Check out her website for more information.

Facebook: GillianHahnArtist
Website: GillianHahn
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