Carolyn Puckett from the USA

Key Words

Cosmic Solar Energies
DNA Upgrades
Energy Clearing
Divine Blueprint

You have chosen this card today as your awakening expands and your memory returns to understanding that:

Energy upgrades and evolution is happening on Earth and for humans. Earth is receiving into her Chalice Creator’s light codes and Creator Light Rays. It has been prophesied much about in the Ancient of Days by the prophets and by the native people around the world. It was a matter of when and the time is now.

Ascension is made possible due to the Creator’s upgrade energies coming into Earth through the Solar Gateways from the Great Central Sun. These energies allow for Ascension from 3D reality to 4D, 5D, plus. The human body as it is able to carry higher vibrational frequencies, can then be upgraded in its DNA codes and activations. Before more Ascension can occur, the whole body vessel-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies need to be cleared of more energy blockages, made more reconnected and restored to its original divine blueprint.

There is much work to be done, for each person has an accumulation of blocked energies from the traumas and lower vibrational soul experiences in past lives in addition to this lifetime that have not been cleared yet. So there can be much accumulated and locked up, stored in the body vessel.

These energy blocks need to be made aware of and cleared in order for the body vessel to carry higher vibrational frequencies and higher light quotients. Then, the Ascension process can continue steadily to upgrade the DNA. Through this process, the achievement of crossing the Rainbow Bridge, becoming the Rainbow Body, activating Light Body and Merkaba can be attained, which makes way for expanding consciousness, multi-dimensional realities and co-creator abilities. The greater vibrational frequencies coincide with consciousness level and DNA upgrades. The Ascension potential does not stop there. It’s up to you. What are you choosing?

Sit in meditation now and in a daily practice of meditation. Listen for the intuitive messages so that you can gain knowledge, become aware of more and take actions in alignment for clearing, releasing, letting go, healing what is needed to achieve more Ascension upgrades.

Life’s journeys always were about soul mastery and Ascension. In this life, we have an extra special purpose–to advance and co-create in the evolution at hand.

Miracle blessings of love & light.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Golden Serpent
Source Energy/ Christ Consciousness Ray embodied in Serpent form with Shakti Female Fire Energy rising ~ imbued with peaceful gentle Divine Love Pink Ray and under the High Priestess powerful presence. Sexual Energy Potency and Healing.

Golden Vessel
Divine Feminine, Venus/Womb Space Cosmic Mother, Holy Grail, Vessel of holding space from which Creation and Masculine Energy arises.

Ancient Egyptian Headdress
Blue and gold striped ‘Head Crowns’ of the Pharaoh/Goddess. Power. Presence. Authority.

Angel Wings
Representative of Higher Realms of Consciousness. Evolving as this from the appearance of the dynamic golden rainbow-colored movement around highly evolved Beings ~ Angels, which looked like ‘Wings’.

Pink Rays
Soft Pinks of Divine Feminine, Cosmic Mother, Transcendent Love.

Cerise & Magenta Pink
Quan Yin Energy restoring Female Balance to Mother Earth.

Electric/Sapphire Blue Rays
Powerful Rays of Strength, Protection, Power and Will. Energy of Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. Communication of Loving truth enhanced with the 5 D Royal Blue Throat Chakra.

Violet Ray
Invocation of St Germaine, Archangel Zadkiel and Arcturus the Elohim of the 7th Ray will enhance Cleansing, Transmutation and Transformation. The Violet Flame is a Powerful force for clearing lower frequencies and several upgrades to this energy frequency ~ the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame and the Lilac Fire of Source are available now as the Light Quotient has risen on Mother Earth.

Platinum Ray
Essential Diamond Light Code acting as a Surge Protector, adjusting and stabilizing as the intensity of each New Wave of Ascension Energy Photonic Light arrives. Base Chakra activated ~ Brilliant swirling Platinum. Mastery.

The Sistar on this card is Carolyn Puckett. She lives in the USA. Carolyn is a divine channel and author with the pen name Princess Mani, and she teaches others how to learn the process of Ascension–raise vibrations in all aspects of being and how to channel. She also teaches about the necessity for and how to have a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and accessing the channel to Higher Self for knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance on all things, including higher life purpose. She is an Ascension healer with Myofascial Release and Quantum Energy Healing skills and knowledge to clear the blocked energy accumulated (from past lives inclusive) and raise the energy vibrations in the physical body, as well, clears the subconscious mind with Spiritual Response Therapy, accessing the Soul’s (Akashic) Records to do so and sharing knowledge to understand past and past life experiences, in order to release what is necessary for the healing and guides you to gain the insight and wisdom for completion of the past experiences, thus achieving more Ascension, vibrational energy and mind mastery.

Website: www.BlissMyofascialRelease.com

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