Nurten Şankaya from Turkey

Key Words

Trust & Allow
Joy & Bliss
Divine Union
Twin Flame

When “Power of Love ” appears in your reading you may be exploring and perceiving unusual realities at this time. Your dreams may be lucid, profound or magical. Two is a mystical number representing Love in Action.

It’s time to re-member or re-connect to your inter-dimensional reality and your Higher Self. You are taking a new step in your life. Your guide is your Twin Flame who will help you to awaken your mission. Take time to be alone and nurture your soul. Sweet messages can come to you in these heartfelt moments. Take a walk in the moonlight and rest at times in the sungaze. In these moments will begin the process of emotional and psychic transformation. If you trust and allow it can be like a joyful spinning into the cosmic vortex of life.

I am Twin Flame, pure energy for all creations. You all are Twin Flames of Divine energy. You are “THE POWER OF LOVE”.

Twin flames are feminine and masculine counterpart energies of the same energy on the same frequency. Twin flames are partners in the spiritual journey of a spiritual growth. Their unconditional love and trust keep them united. The reunion takes place on the astral plane or in the physical plane and on both planes as they are destined. After the reunion, twin flames become able to talk internally using telepathy. This is the state that is called one soul in two bodies. From the very first incarnation to the end of the soul life, these two souls remain tied together till infinity with the crystal chord.

I am unconditional love in all dimensions and I act like “A POWER OF LOVE” in the 3rd dimension.

Creation and manifestation is female/male energy unity work. Female energy creates and male energy manifests. If you want to connect with your Twin Flame energy look deeper and deeper into your own eyes and feel the intimate love more and more in your heart. Twin Flames have strong vibrational connection. The more you feel “intimate love”, the more he/she will find the way to appear for you. You are multidimensional and can connect/reconnect in whichever dimension or whichever way is right for you both.

TRUST is the key. You are always in vibrational connection with your Twin Flame, you have inner-net. Allow yourself to feel the Power of Love”. The Power of Love is the acceleration of more and more Love …… Increasing self love to attract your Twin Flame energy . All Twin Flames have their unique vibrational frequency. Twinflame Energy is feeling whole, complete oneness within and is a very special intimate smile to yourself. Enhancing inner joy, self-love and guidance…

Symbolic meaning of the card

Ruby Ray
Ruby Krystal ~ activating electrical/magnetic Union of masculine and feminine within.

Pink/ Cerise/ Raspberry/Magenta
Love Power. Divine Feminine. Fusion of Passion, Purpose, Power and Union, Twin Flame Connection, Unbounded Joy, Love & Compassion. Archangel Uriel, Lakshmi, Mary Magdalen, Quan Yin.

Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Krystal of Communication, Expression of Highest Knowledge/Truth. Divine Masculine. Ascendant diamond Light code beyond Rainbow.

Blue Flame/ Indigo Rays
Electric Blue flame of Archangel Michael. Energy of El Morya. Blue Threefold Flame of Knowledge & Power of Creator Energy. Indigo Diamond Light Code of Revolution.

Higher Consciousness. Transcendence. Transmutation and Cleansing. Mercy and Joy. Saint Germaine, Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. Elohim Arcturus.

Yellow Flame/ Gold Ray
Gold Ray of Cosmic Christ Consciousness /Source Energy. Sacred Masculine energy. Archangel Metatron & Jophiel . Yellow Flame of the Three Fold Flames ~ Knowledge, Innate Wisdom.

Aquamarine age of ‘Aquarius’ First colour aspect from Golden Light of Divine Creator representing Divine Feminine and Magdalena energy.

Rainbow Flame
Sister Nurten sits in harmonic stillness at the centre of the cosmic wheel with balanced male/female energies exuding the Rose Gold Ray of Higher Self/ Twin Flame integration.

Golden Phoenix
Sacred symbol of transformation / transmutation / transfiguration/regeneration. Elemental Fire Energy. Purged in the Flames / Never again to be the same. Rising from the Ashes, The Phoenix brings the ability to ‘shapeshift’ and is known as the ‘burning light.’

Elemental Water Energy / Cetacean of Cosmic consciousness / Playful Joy/ Emotional Release.

Two Bodies with One soul
Twin Soul Sacred Symbol of Female & Male energy / Night & Day / Earth & Cosmos / Yin & Yang / Antimatter & Matter / Magnetic & Electrical. Sacred Union of Self & Higher Self.

Spinning Wheel
Cosmic vortex of Life, Merkaba ~ İnterdimensional Vehicle. Activated Diamond Light Body

Energy of Awakening. Serpent Fire Energy. Toroidal flow of Source as the life force, Shakti (feminine) rising fire energy blending with Shiva (Male) into Sacred Union.

Quote of this card
I came to this earth so that I can find the way back to my Beloved ~ Rumi

Sistar in this card is Nurten Şankaya from Turkey.
She is a Divine Creator and Observer
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