Natalie Bass from South Africa

Key Words


“This card has been drawn to affirm that you are in the current process of emerging into the next cycle of your life. It has been a very difficult, painful and challenging time, but you have finally emerged out of the darkness and into the light….

And….like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.. you are beginning to feel a new sense of maturity and freedom dawning on your horizon.

The Elementals would like to remind you that the butterfly first emerges and remains still – practically motionless – just observing and tuning in, both to herself and her surroundings. Just like the butterfly, they want you to remember that ‘your wings are still drying’, and that it is not the time yet for action or making any major life changes.

Instead…be still, reflect and tune in…… It is time to celebrate, to pay homage and to appreciate with gratitude …your ever-evolving wisdom, inner strength, courage and grace.

During this time you being are encouraged to deepen your connection to the playful presence of the Elementals, Devas and other earth spirits who are currently dancing in celebration all around you.

Working with these beings will bring a deeper grounding and anchoring of all the transformational shifts that have unfolded within you and provide guidance, inspiration and support in the future. You may find it helpful to build a small crystal grid or earth mandala using which ever natural elements you feel drawn to. This will help you to literally anchor and amplify this beautifully healing and powerful energy within your field.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Cerise Ray
Quan yin Energy of Compassionate Strength, New Ray of Unconditional Loving Acceptance of All.

Emerald Green Ray
The Emerald Ray has been pivotal to the anchoring of Divine Feminine Energy on Mother Earth available incrementally to Awakening Souls.

Cerise Pink Ray
New Ray of blended pinks with Quan Yi and Magdalena Energy bringing Heart Chakra opening, unconditional Love and acceptance.

Orange/ Gold Ray
Source Light Gold Ray with Tangerine Orange of Ascendant Navel Chakra when embodied allows and enhances transcendent connection with all sentient beings, Gaia, humans, animals, plants, crystals, and elemental energies.

The Angels of Nature and the Natural World. Air, Earth, Water and Fire occupying the Aetheric Realm, deepening the cosmic shamanic connection.

Beauty, Grace, Rebirth, Transformation, delicate movement with gentle physical energy but powerful spiritual, mental and emotional energy.

Powerfully beautiful messengers from Spirit, Colours and presentation emanating specific higher consciousness energy. Natalie in her graceful elemental floral and butterfly Goddess Presence.

The sister on this card is Natalie Bass from South Africa. She is a Clinical Psychologist specialist in Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy for Teens & Adults, Relationship Counseling & Parenting Advice.

Facebook Page: Natalie Bass – Clinical Psychologist

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