Esther Qizenna from the Netherlands


Rainbow activation
Crystal codes

When this card finds you today, spirit wants you to become aware of a personal Rainbow Earth Star Chakra light activation, that is now ready for you to integrate and activate. The earth star chakra connects one’s personal energy and thereby all one’s bodily chakra, to the greater earthly four kingdoms, inner earth, Pacha mama’s crystalline heart and universal energies. This Rainbow Activation allows for deeper feelings of grounding, stability, and wellbeing.

I have been given this pathway to meet the Goddess of the colour light codes you need at this moment;

You can use this mp3 pathway every time you feel your channel between heaven and earth needs re-alignment and when you are in need of some extra stability.

Symbolic meaning of the card

The Crystal Sun Grid
Is also called the Earth Star Chakra. This chakra is believed to be located about twelve inches below the feet, in the etheric body. The earth star chakra connects one’s personal energy and all one’s bodily chakras, to the greater earthly and universal energies.

The Rainbow Body
Is your colorful light body. Everyone can activate the rainbow body, by doing the inner work. When we ascend the rainbow body is activated. We will remain organic beings. The rainbow light body insures our freedom, and also leads us into a future of a consciousness heightened awareness in which humans transform the earth into a planet of light, peace and love. This ascension process is now happening on Earth.

The Rainbow Rays & Bridge
Vibrant Neons of the 7 Elemental Rays derived directly from the Pure White Source Ray, as seen with white Light refraction through a crystal prism. Each one corresponding to the 7 Embodied Chakras and denoting Energy Mastery of the qualities and attributes required to be able to start activation and integration of the 5D 12 Centre Ascendant Chakras. The Rainbow Colours glistening and twinkling here revealing the transformation of Consciousness required to step out onto the Iridescent Rainbow Bridge to the New Earth.

The two Earths
Be in nature, love all beings. See yourself as a perfect eternal being of light having an earthly experience, both male and female, emanating a rainbow glow, holding symbolically the Earth Globe in both hands creating a resonant frequency tone that will balance the new earth and old earth, assisting you and all of humanity.

The Sister on this card is Esther Qizenna from the Netherlands. As a gypsy soul, who loves to move around Gaia to experience different places. She is a creative cosmic doorway of service and is here now on Earth to Anchor in the higher frequencies through her artistic healing art expressions and sound. She has a background in Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu. In the now, she has merged her healing and keycode activations with her art. She can bring in your higher frequencies and higher self through her Oracle Card Service. She also, can clear, purify and bring balance into your home through the gift of Quantum Healing Design. Qizenna is the Sister who was guided to create a global Sisterhood. And gave birth to this Oracle Deck working as one with all her SoulSistars around the globe.

Website: www.qizensworld.nl & www.lief-land.nl

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