Likita from Hobart, Australia

Key Words

Cosmic Awareness
Toroidal Expansion
Unified Field of Consciousness
Diamond Light Body

You are entering the Zero Point Field within yourself. A full alignment to all that you are and all that is. Ascension is upon you. You are Divinely connected to Source through the Great Central Sun and through the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth.

From the Cosmic Egg we are forged in the crucible of the Vessica Pisces before journeying through the Axis of Time. Once birthed into the world of matter our journey ignites movement of positive and negative charge creating a Toroidal Field of electromagnetic energy around the human body. The energy is continuously moving away from itself whilst simultaneously folding back in upon itself. This constant dance of expansion and contraction, of disintegration and reintegration, compresses the energy though the centre of the Torus into a singularity, the Zero Point Field.

The Toroid acts as a Frequency Converter, unifying the electromagnetic field to a focal point where their harmonics neutralize harmful frequencies, increasing spiritual awareness and creating a sense of oneness. The Zero Point Field, the void of no-thingness, is a multidimen sional space outside the constructs of 3D reality where time ceases to exist and all matter is dissolved into oneness. It is the Unified Field, containing all the infinite potentials of creation.

This Field may only be accessed via the Portal of the Higher Heart, activated by the use of Divine Will and by the power of Pure Intent. Igniting Bliss in the heart through sacred breath and focused intent raises your vibration, creating a frequency match, a coherent state of being. This quantum light expansion activates the Diamond Light Body opening the flow of Source Consciousness. You become the field, a perfect conduit between Mother Earth and her consort the Sun.

I AM a Multidimensional Being of Photonic Light
Divinely connected to Source through the Great Central Sun
And through the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth

Symbolic meaning of the card

Magenta Ray
Coalescence of blue, violet, pink and red rays in a transcendent blend bringing compassionate Sacred Masculine/ Electrical energy.

Transcendent Pink Ray
Soft Higher Heart pink of Cosmic Love, Archangel Chamuel and Elohim Amora. Qualities of gentle transcendent acceptance and Love.

Rose Gold Ray
Divine Union at Vesica Pisces of the Gold Masculine Ray in balance with the Silver Feminine Ray produces the distinctive Golden Pink Peach of the Higher Self /Self ~ Energy of Sacred Marriage.

Turquoise Ray
The Divine Feminine direct aspect of the Golden Light of Source. Goddess Energy.

Silver Ray
Diamond Light Code of Ascension. Brings the Energy of Sustainability. The consistent, conscious compassionate application of Spiritual Practise to be able to actualise the activations, keys, codes and memories of the Gold Ray to Remember Who We Are and activate Diamond Light Body.

The sister on this card is Likita. She currently lives on a large Island in the magical land of Oz. She was born into an awakened family, however she also needed to experienced her own trials and setbacks along the way for her personal soul expansion. Just like we all do. Likita prefers to work behind the scenes and on the inner planes, functioning in a multidimensional reality as well as in 3D. While she clears her own traumas and ancestral timelines she is also healing the collective. She utilize focused intention along with sound, crystals, geometry, earth energies and galactic energies from the cosmos to affect change in the field. She can be contacted through email at elkaymar@yahoo.com.Facebook Page: Likita

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