Hanna Badsberg Glansvill from South Africa

Key Words

Love Essence
Creational Flow
Self Love & Healing

“Blessings for choosing the ‘Embracing your Innerchild’ card. This is a safe space where you can open your heart to raise consciousness of and alignment with your earliest and purest beginnings. Always remember: Your essence is Love, You are worthy of Love, Your Light is supported by the Universe. Now go spread your wings…”

I am the eye in you that sees, the patterns,
the lines that flow through family trees,
the symbolic landscape of current realities.

Much was shaped the moment you were created,
& molded further in the first years of your life.
Do you understand the forces that shape you?
That shaped your inner child?

Can you feel your energy centers,
which are balanced and which are not.
What are your universal gifts of love and light,
and what hides in your shadow.

Thoughts and choices ~ so-called right and wrong.
Weave a tapestry of body, mind and soul
of this ONE precious spirit that is YOU.
Is your inner child laughing or crying?

We all have wounds to heal,
finding the deepest splinter helps a lot.
We all want to love and be loved,
so start with you – why not?

Symbolic meaning of the card

Gold Ray
Stellar Expression of Divine Love and Light on Earth. Pure Source Energy. Creation. Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The Christ Within. Archangel Metatron.

Pink Ray/Flame
Transcendent Love for Self, Community and Cosmically. Pink Three fold Flame ~ Heart Wisdom and Power coalesced in Balance to bring Compassion and Love.

Emerald Ray
Diamond Light Code of Divine Feminine, Nurturance, Healing, Energy of Gaia. Natural and Elemental Kingdoms.

First color aspect from Golden Light of Divine Creator representing Divine Feminine and Magdalena energy.

White Ray
Purity. Innocence. Graceful Power. Archangel Gabriel. Message of Hope and Love, Protection and Peace. Elohim of Astrea & Purity.

Golden Sun Disc
The Solar Heart of the Christ Consciousness. Divine Sun of God.

Sacred Geometry Merkaba and Angel Wings
Mer ~ Light, Ka ~ Spirit, Ba ~ Body : or Diamond Light Body is generated by our raising of vibrational frequency to become in tune with Higher Realms and Creator Consciousness. Angel Wings symbolic of the energetic flurry of golden diamond white light of the Merkaba.

Emerald Green and Gold jewelry
With Golden Rings at both Wrists, Emerald Golden Coronet and Belt ~ the adornments of a Powerful Priestess, Sister Hanna strides out with Divine Feminine Warrior Power, Grace and Love in the Magdalena Christ Consciousness Energy.

Child in Arms
Cosmic Mother, Protection, support, nurturance and guidance. Protector of Innocence. Divine Feminine Warrior energy, Gaia.

The Sister in this card is Hanna Badsberg Glansvill from South Africa.
Her special gift is pattern recognition, intuitively channeled energy connections
and oracle transmissions.

Facebook Page: Hanna Badsberg Glansvill

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