Lalita Karoli from Vermont, USA

Key Words

Angelic Realms
Mission Activation
Astrological Gateway

A Unicorn has come forward to guide the Unique expression of Divinity that you embody. This Unicorn gives you the restless spirit of the horse, the power of the wind, the fire of spirit, and the magic of the elemental realms to continue forward playful and bold.

Unicorns are soul guides of the angelic realm. They help you hold your vision and give you the courage, stamina and power to live the divine essence in your soul map. They encourage you to live your highest excitement. Unicorns have vision for your long term growth through the inner eye that is projected out as a Crystalline horn. Like the mighty Maple tree, they root the ancient records of profound experiences in every dimension across the heavens to the growth of the future Self.

This is an Oracle card for activating your mission, perhaps through astrology. The study of the stars and the dance of the planets in sacred geometry have magnified your light body at the time of your birth. If you have chosen this card, a master astrologer, who works with the Ascended horses, the Unicorns, is ready to activate your expression of Divinity for the consciousness of all humankind.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Yellow Flame and Soft Gold
Esoteric and Divine Knowledge and Wisdom. Illumination, Understanding of the Oneness. Energy of Elohim Apollo & Lumina

Soft Pink
Transcendent Love, Purest Love Elohim Hero and Amor. Compassion, Charity, Cosmic Love, Higher Heart Activation

Divine Masculine frequency a direct Aspect from the Golden Source Light, Soul Star Chakra Activation with remembrance of Ancient Wisdom, gifts and talents. Energy of Paul the Venetian

Ruby Ray
Alchemical ray for DNA activation into the energy of Sacred Union. Archangel Uriel, energy of the North, Earth and Physicality. Anchoring the synergy of Divine Union into reality.

Maroon Ray
Moving into mission, actualising the Blueprint set by yourself prior to incarnation. Isis Energy.

Violet Ray
Powerful Transformational, transmutational energy for Cleansing and Clearing Fields. Higher Consciousness. Archangels Zadkiel, Gabriel and St Germaine. Elohim Victoria.

Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalen coded energetic frequency a direct sub frequency from Divine Source Light. Age of Aquarius ‘aqua’ Light.

Diamond Light Codes/ Crystalline Light Frequencies
Stellar expression of Divine Love and Light via Solaris from Source through Galactic Centre and Great Central Sun. Information from the Cosmos, DNA Activation, Codon opening, Diamond Light body Activation. Kryst (Christ) Consciousness.

Goddess Fire Power Energy, Joyful Expansion, Clairvoyance, Earth, Air, Fire energies, third Eye Activation.

Elemental Energies
Connection with Earth Mother and all Beings, Shamanic to Angelic and Galactic/Cosmic Connection. Vibrational attunement with Nature & the Aether.

Celestial Bodies/Astrology
Cosmic Consciousness, Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom, Understanding of Galactic Presence, Understanding of Stellar Sacred Geometry and the Music of the Spheres.

Sacred Geometry
Light encoded structure of elemental forces that manifest holographic reality from consciousness.

The sister in this card is Lalita Karoli from Vermont, USA. She is a Galactic Shaman Astrologer. Through her gift she can activate your sacred mission. The reason why you are here now on Earth. The work you came here to do, to assist Mother Earth and all that is during this Global and universal Ascension.

Facebook Page: lalita astrology

Website: www.galacticshamanastrologers.net

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