Lisa Kemp from Brisbane, Australia

Key Words

Belief & Self Love
Purity & Divinity
Sacred Vessel
Diamond Light

Dear One, you have drawn this card as a symbol of the PURE Divine Sacred light vessel of LOVE that you are, you have traveled far and wide beloved. The Blue Rays congratulate you on your mission on Earth thus far. You are asked to believe in your light, believe in your gifts and treasures as they jewels to share with the world. Continue following your heart.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Heart Center Stargate
The activated divine spark in the expanded Heart Center of the Ascendant Chakras is purest Crystalline Diamond white with pink and turquoise swirls. In states of Bliss charged Love it becomes an etheric technology of toroidal electromagnetic power and grace. The Merkaba transcends atomically to become a Stargate. Lisa embodies this personal, community and cosmically transcendent love with a Heart Stargate coruscating with Energetic alignment to Divine Source Light through her High Heart and Higher Self.

Creation Spiral & Sacred Geometry
Diamond Light Body Activation described as ‘Angel Wings’ by early recorders of the wheel of brilliant swirling energy that Ezekiel termed… ‘fiery wheels within wheels like a giant gyroscope sparkling like diamonds in the sun’. These sacred geometric lines revealing the rapid electron spin and unpacking of the structured platonic solids to the more organic Golden Mean of infinitely accelerating pure light energy towards Zero Point.

Higher Self/ Multidimensionality
Higher self in layers above the Human Sacred Light Vessel in increasingly more etheric and brilliant Diamond White Light expressions of Divinity and Purity towards Highest Aspect and I AM Presence in closest connection to Divine Source.

Highest Divine Feminine Frequency Ray from Golden Source Light. Avatar Consciousness. Magdalena Codes High heart Energy.

Sapphire blue
Indigo &/or Blue Ray Being. Knowledge, Power, Truth and Purpose, Protection & Guidance. Archangel Michael.

Violet Ray
Higher consciousness. Communication with Higher Self. Transmutation and transformational energy. St Germain, Archangel Zadkiel.

Lilac Flame / Fire
Highest Frequency Violet Ray available on Mother Earth for Transformational Healing and Transmutation of lower frequencies and difficult situations.

Diamond White
Rays of Purity, divinity, hope, innocence, cleansing & clearing. Archangel Gabriel. Diamond codes, awakening and activating DNA.

Sister Lisa Kemp from Brisbane, Australia is a bringer and co creator of the new earth, supporting souls with embodying their emotions and feeling. She does this through her business, Hand in Hand Healing and Support. Hand in Hand healing and support, is a Trauma-Informed care healing and support service, eventually running zoom sessions to those that need help with expressing and feeling what they are experiencing In a safe space.


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