Poppy Joy from New Zealand

Key Words

Visionary Insight
Inner Shaman
Frequency Holder
Natural Rhythms

Congratulations on drawing the Global Vision card and attuning to this message that is for you now. Invite your inner shaman to come forth and receive it.

Vision awakens and arrives through in-sight. Golden eagle is the seer in the day and Jaguar is the night seer who assists the shaman to keep the global vision alive and activated. Behind her is the Mayan calendar which symbolizes connecting with natural harmony, where time is art. Vision has helped her to connect with her multi-dimensional self on higher streams of consciousness. She is one with her ancient Mayan higher self. She remembers ascension from other cycles and she holds space and works at clearing dimensions and space as we usher it in again.

Golden light radiates from her solar plexus. Her field is strong and vibrant as she has come to know herself, to live and grow through extreme life challenges that have both humbled and strengthened her to sit meditatively in her own power and being. Her ego has been burned away in her quest to experience life in its fullness. She is grateful for all that life has brought her so that she may now be of service to her great love, Pachamama (Earth Mother).

The Christos energy is with her helping her birth her solar mastery and fulfil her purpose as a global visionary. If you have picked the global visioncard today, you may be at a time in your life where you are instrumental in holding frequency for the global vision where all beings are happy and free and universal law abounds. You may also resonate with the Mayan harmonic rhythms of nature and be departing from outmoded and artificial constructs.

Your vision may be opening up to you in new ways as you come to know yourself as the multi-dimensional being that you are who accesses the timeless realms to create global healing here with Pachamama. You may be seeing now into other dimensions and anchoring the higher frequencies into your human being. You may open your vision by imagining a golden star growing from your solar centre and meditating upon it daily. As the star grows, your etheric field grows more vibrant and healthy and so do you as your etheric body is purified. As your etheric body purifies, your vision is cleared to see with clarity.

Stay in close connection with the Earth and nature. Observe the synchronicities that nature wants to communicate to you. You are a vital part of the global vision and a 100% valuable soul. Your contribution to the global vision is vital.

Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. In lakech, Poppy Joy

Symbolic Meaning of this Card

Golden Ray
The star, the sun and the Christos I AMenergy. Gold is the colour the shaman uses to clear the etheric field of impurities. It signifies solar mastery and personal sovereignty.

Ruby Ray
The crystal gemstone ray of DNA activation. The merging of the divine feminine and sacred masculine within.

Black Ray
The void of creation. The unseen and unknown that may be accessible in Shamanic journeying.

Sapphire and Indigo Rays
The starseed energy of the first wave wayshowers. Sensitivity, empathy, dedication to see, to speak, to serve the global vision.

Golden Eagle
Seer in the day. Victory through life challenges. Messenger of Source. An ending with a new beginning. Global visionary.

Black Jaguar
Jaguar is also known as the Wizard or shaman in Mayan culture. Enchants through the pure channel of spirit. Protector, especially of the vulnerable. Night seer.

The sister in this card is Poppy Joy from New Zealand. As a life coach and counselor she does Mayan galactic signature explorations/birthcharts and etheric implant removal teachings. She will be offering healing retreats in the near future.

Facebook Page: Mayan Missions

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