Sanna Tarnstrom from Sweden


Elemental mystique
Subconscious clarity
Magical realms of pure divinity

If the emerald ray card connected to you today, you are now entering a time of divine transformation and new beginnings. You are unveiling a greater part of your soul and your spirit is opening you up to a deeper connection in the core chamber of the sacred space in your source heart, where all of you resides. You are part of a grander truth and so your new journey begins.

“Deep within the magical realms and kingdoms, of the unseen and unknown… Beyond the mist of wonders and splendour, in the swirling depth of the subconscious nothingness. you find a clarity so bright and true. Through the timelessness of ages, dreams and memories long forgotten, you will hear the whispers in the wind. Songs and messages from deep within your heart, where the truth is pure and your essence eternal. There you’ll find a world you always new and were part of. The true you that never really left.

In the most beautiful kingdoms of the universal element creations, where you find the goddesses and gods of elemental existence, is now opening for you. With the universal shift and the changes of all living creations, energies and forms, you are now called to enter deeper within to find your own elemental kingdom. To explore these new roams and realities. The Goddess of The Emerald Divine Ray is here to guide and support you. You will receive messages and visions beyond this world, to assist you in this moment of change and exploration.

The Emerald Goddess is working with your higher aspects on many energetic levels. When you tune into the Divine Emerald Ray, you can feel your inner senses heighten and your heart opens more. She is here to embrace you in faith, hope and courage so you can fully unveil your truth and see your glory. You are part of all that is. You are a spark of the Divine. You carry all the elements within and it is your time to shine your brilliance, loving grace in excellence and joy.

You are ready to embrace this new glowing you and step fully into the depth of the unknown. Once you do, you will see and understand the beauty that is you. Surrender to the Goodness of the Divine Emerald Ray and your life will never be the same again. That is a promise.”

Lots of love your way, Sanna

Symbolic meaning of the card

The Goddess of Divine Emerald Light
The Lady of the Emerald kingdom. She comes to you with a dream and a promise. She is there to lead in to your Emerald palace within. Feel her softness and warmth in your heart as she brings you the codes, wisdom and messages you need at this time.

The Emerald Ray
The Ray of the Divine Feminine and of the higher heart of Gaia. Earth
s divine essence of love and compassion. Embrace this loving beautiful light frequency and let it touch your every cell and senses.

New Universal elements
As we all are shifting and changing with The New, so too are all the elemental kingdoms and worldly realities as well. Everything that we are and everything that exists is part of the elements. Let yourself flow and feel its new brilliance, strength and presence inside out. As you breeze in the magic of creation, you also open up to All parts of your Being.

Multi-dimensional realms
The veils are dissipating and disappearing all around. We are becoming part of it all on so many new and thrilling levels. Play with these new energies, colours and surroundings. You will feel so much uplifting joy and delight when you do. Let yourself become amazed.

Sister Sanna Tarnstrom was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is here to teach, guide, assist and to sing her heart out as a Heart Artist”, “Holistic Life Coach”, “Star Shamaness” and “Soul Singer”. With her personal connections to Mother Earth, the Multidimensional realms and the Universal energies, she works on all levels of the spectrum.

Website: www.heartofsanna.wixsite.com/blog

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