Jessica Woods from North Carolina, United States

Key Words

Centered Vision
Sound Healing

When this card enters your life today you are reminded to stay centered in the present moment, and live in gratitude for all life’s

Learn to keep laughter at the Forefront of your experience and approach everything with a light-hearted Essence, ensuring balance in your life experience. This is an important aspect towards wholeness, and merging all parts of your being enabling you to be Love.

In ancient times the peacock feather was considered the Eyes of the Stars, said to awaken your vision towards immortality, resurrection, and renewal. The peacock tells us of our integrity and to honour our experience with Ease and Grace. To embrace self love with the Intention of facing all of life’s challenges that are placed before you with courage and confidence. To embrace your inner truth, and allow the true colours of your soul to shine brightly for all to see.

Peacocks are masters of sound to attract their mates. You may have attracted this card to used vibrational sound healing on some level. Sound has the power to improve or cure many ailments, and purify your energetic field. If you have chosen the Eyes of the Stars, you may be called to use vibrational sound to balance, align, and cleanse your energetic field. This insures overall Clarity and balance in your life. When our internal state is in harmony everything outside of us is as well. Peacock teaches Harmony.

Symbolic meaning of the card

Peacock Feather
Eyes of the Stars – Vision. Awakening, Protection through absorption of negative energy, Guidance, Immortality, Vibrational Sound for Attraction of Desires & Healing.

Crystal Bowl
Ancient singing bowl expressing the combined potent powers of sound and crystal energy for healing. Vibrational Sonic Alignment with Healing and Wholeness.

Magician Wand
Manifestation, Power, Truth, When used with a Pure Heart becomes the Rod of the Divine.

Chevron feathering
Power, Masculine Energy, The Blade, Synergy of Strengths Aligning, Intensified energies.

Emerald Ray
Divine Feminine Energy, Nature, Mother Earth, Connection with the Elementals, Healing.

Sapphire Ra
Blues of Power and Peace, Strength and Harmony, Protection and Guidance, Master El Morya.

Diamond White
Purity, Divinity, Presence of Grace and Love. Archangels Gabriel and Hope Ascendant Crystalline Frequency.

Golden Ray
Divine Source Connection, Ray of Christ Consciousness. Pure Source Energy, Higher Healing.

The sister you see on this card is Jessica Woods. She lives and works in North Carolina, United States. She is as a Reiki Grand Master level 9, in alignment to Kuan Yun, Merlin and the Saint Germain Violet flame. She works with Sound Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, among many other sounding modalities combined with her Energy Work. Furthermore, she also harnesses crystal grids for healings, as per her intuitive guidance. After her session she gives feed back and a reading as per what came through and what to expect. Over all experience will realign, cleanse, and clear any density creating a lighter more balanced Aura.

Facebook Page: Jessica Woods

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