Georgia Cammann from the US

Key Words

Energy Mastery
Sacred Union
Animal Totem Power
Sacred Feminine

When this card is in your reading today, you are in a period of Individual growth and evolvement. Become self-mastery. Time to ask yourself this,“ How are YOU mirroring to the world, the new Goddess energy?”

The time is NOW, to release the old ways and woundings of the masculine and feminine. This new energy embraces both the male and female, as we begin to more fully recognize the divinity of the balance being restored to our sacred, beautiful planet at this time. As men and women alike embrace this new vision, we become channels between the crystalline grid of the Natural World and that of the Cosmic Consciousness and all Creation. This divine balance affects all dimensions and aspects of ourselves and reverberates through the Universe. We emulate the qualities of gentle strength, fierce protection, grace and empowered nurturing, compassion and kindness for ourselves and all living things.

Spirit animals can help us imbue into ourselves, the unique qualities they each carry in order to empower and support our journeys. In meditation, ask one to come forward in service to what you need at that time. Spend time with it as if it were right in front of you in your physical world. Stroke it… talk to it… tune into the FEEL of it…look deeply into its eyes… develop a relationship over time. Merge with it and see through its eyes. It will be available to you whenever you need it.

Elephant exemplifies wisdom, power and strength. It works to bring in the Sacred Feminine with a deeper understanding of those attributes needed to create the balance between the heart and mind and a connection to the Natural World and our intuition. It’s focus is family and connection with others from all generations. What do you do to connect with and serve your family… friends… community? Our connection to the sentient Earth and those we share our lives with, give us quality and a sense of belonging. How are YOU serving others?

Lion represents leadership and courage to speak the truth… the power of the Sacred Feminine rising. Step into your authenticity and speak through your heart space. Monitor carefully your thoughts and emotions. They have a profound impact on the frequency you contribute to the whole. Mindfulness creates mastery.

The Sacred Feminine is the divine warrior protector and nurturer of all children. They are brought in from other dimensions through the Feminine womb space to be nourished and protected. Water comprises 75% of our bodies, including our blood and womb and that of this sacred planet. It allows communication with dolphins and whales and sustains all life. The Goddess reminds you of this connection between our inner and outer natures… the womb of creation…. a world pregnant with possibilities!

Symbolic meaning of the card

Animal Totems
Spiritual portents with both powerful & subtle messages, qualities, characteristics and energies of exquisite value in the spiritual journey. Animals communicate and speak to our Hearts with resonant energetic frequency that is palpable with Stillness.

Diamond White Crystalline Spheres
Effervescent Energetic Expressions of Source Energy. Crystal Balls of clairvoyant and creational beauty in a ‘world pregnant with possibilities’ .Gift Packages offered by the Goddess of Diamond Light Consciousness enabling ascendance to Higher Realms.

Rainbow Mosaic Goddess Robes
Neon Rainbow Colour Rays in Sacred Geometric Mandalas and expressions in Flower of Life Creational Frequencies. Opportunity, Magic, Creation. Rainbow Bridging to New Earth.

Magenta Ray
Divine Masculine frequency a direct Aspect from the Golden Source Light, Soul Star Chakra Activation with remembrance of Ancient Wisdom, Gifts and Talents.

Ruby Krystal Ray
Alchemical ray for DNA activation into the energy of Sacred Union. Power and Passion, Energy of the Earth and Physicality. Anchoring the synergy of Divine Union into reality.

Gold Ray
Solar Christ Consciousness. Divine Source Connection. Golden Ray Purity Power and Love. Archangel Metatron

Yellow Flame
Threefold flame of Wisdom in its purest form, when combined with the Blue of Powerful Manifestation and Pink of Unconditional Love imbues the Heart with Mastery.

Violet Ray
Higher Consciousness Connection. Protection, Transmutation, Transformation, St Germaine. Archangel Zadkiel.

The Sister you see on this card is Georgia Cammann from the United States. She is a Personal/Spiritual Guide & Mentor. A Shamanic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker & Writer.

Website: www.gacammann.com

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