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My soul landed on Mother Earth, August 23, 1974, in the north of the Netherlands in the town of Heerenveen.

As a child,

You could find me in nature, or drawing in my room. Drawing, nature and the animal kingdom were, and still are my greatest passions.

Like so many of us, I lost touch with my creative and playful inner child during puberty. I became a rebel for freedom and felt completely ready to leave the family home at the age of sixteen. I wanted to experience the dance of life myself.

Life was and still is my education and my heart has always led me in the right direction. Sometimes there was light and sometimes there was darkness. Because of my longing for change I moved and traveled a lot. With the highs and lows that gave me the opportunity to learn, grow and expand my consciousness. Throughout this life, healing myself and others, animals, travel, nature, children, curiosity about the bigger picture and creativity has always been my focus point.

When I turned 27, a big change came into my life. A Thai massage course that I took while traveling through Thailand triggered my curiosity about the power of energy and the elements. Back in the Netherlands I decided to study at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in The Hague. Working with energy, the element cycles and the meridian system felt like coming home. Old soul knowledge began to awaken. And my turmoil feelings slowly began to transform into inner peace. After years of practicing Shiatsu in addition to my job as a retail store manager and later as a creative counselor / caretaker for multiple mental and physical disabled clients, the desire arose to let my healing work merge with my creativity. That resulted in healing energetically and creating art at the same time.

At the end of 2012 I experienced a powerful inner healing journey, in which the connection with my inner passion and inner child was restored. I started sketching and painting again. Starting from the point I stopped, at child level.

A period followed in which I taught myself to paint. And how to heal myself through intuitive painting, combined with energy movements, the elements cycle and singing sound frequencies. Years later, at the end of 2016, while creating two children’s paintings for a children’s story, digital art came into vision. I wanted to use the two paintings as illustrations for my children book Loveland. It was time to dive into a new experiment, digital art. A period of self-study followed again. After making many mistakes, I slowly began to understand how to be playful with a digital art and video program.

For my digital artworks, I started to use my element photos and videos. A new way of working with the element consciousness.

After my sudden and quite explosive first Kundalini awakening in 2013, I stopped giving Shiatsu to others after 12 years. I had to heal myself in every breath. For those unfamiliar with the term kundalini, it is the moment when the memories of your soul starts awakening. The connection between heaven and earth is there again, expanding your heart consciousness, mind and spirit. The experience and feeling is different for everybody. For me, the energy literally rushed from my feet up through my body, my head exploded and found myself in the dragon realm. From that moment I started to see the truth of the bigger picture and the truth of my soul.

After this first awakening my inner journey of remembering and healing old wounds began. My body had to acknowledge, embrace, heal, release and transform very deep unconscious layers of trauma, fear, lack of self-love and self-worth. Years of all kinds of new and inexplicable weird diseases followed. Every illness was essentially an unprocessed trauma, from this life, but also from other lives/dimensions. The memories and trauma of my other lives here on Earth and in other dimensions surfaced, so I could heal them. This period of remembering and healing deep hidden trauma’s and memories, is also known as the dark night of the soul. You experience periods in which you think you are going crazy, because everything you thought was true turns out to be totally different. You come to the realization that you are everything and that everything lives in you. That everything is energy, light, frequency and perception. Your perspective of reality changes, and you start hearing the voice of your god/goddess self. Ancient soul wisdom arises. Your infinite inner cosmos becomes visible and tangible through your portal of love, your heart. Your goddess/god self.

During these first years of self healing and awakening my soul aspects, I lived in the middle of the forest, surrounded by water. These years of inner self healing in a natural environment, along with my creative awakened inner spark, gave me the opportunity to work on different levels with the elements consciousness, the realms of nature, my inner universes and many inner aspects of my soul. This led to my ability to translate the language of the soul into images through various art expressions and consciously assisting our beloved Mother Earth in her transition to the new higher frequencies. Some of us call it The Golden Age, others New Earth.

In the middle of the beautiful Belgian Ardennes, I was able to learn how to assist myself and others on a DNA level on their path of awakening and self-love. I have done this through my Quantum Shiatsu and Art sessions, writing spiritual children’s books, singing, playing and ceremony work together with nature.

My path has always been, “past-present-future”, about Mother Earth, the Elements, Elemental-, Animal Kingdoms and the Children of grace. My innerchild is my best guide, and I’m here to show others that creativity, playfulness, connecting to the Elements and nature ceremony is a great way to awaken your pure higher heart of wonder, balance and infinite happiness. 

If you need me for a personal assignment or a creative unity project, you can contact me through my contact page.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for being here.

Love Qizenna

A donation to keep my creativity flowing is always highly appreciated and heartfelt. Namaste.

Connecting to the spirit of Kokopelli..


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