I took the C-Jabs, can I still turn the tide??

I took the C-Jabs, can I still turn the tide??

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Through my writing today I would like to let everyone know, who took the CJ, and subsequently became aware of this system we are in, that you can indeed do something to decode the coding that was introduced into the body. Maybe not everyone is capable, but the person who approached me reflects a process of decoding, which shows me, that it may very well be possible.

The woman from my neighborhood who approached me, and who I write about in my previous post, is an example of someone who is not capable. Because she is still in a deep sleep of oblivion. Not one sign of an awake layer of consciousness could be found. That is why she experiences take-overs of mind and body, for there is no awake and active consciousness at work in the avatar.

Back to the example, which I believe, will bring forth inspiration to anyone who took the CJ and was either, already moving through the first layers of awakening or became aware after the first episodes of Covid theater show.

A few months ago, someone approached me. This person told me he took two CJ back in 2021, because he wasn’t fully aware at the time. He did it for his work, like so many did. Ever since, he is in the process of awakening and reached out to me with the question; if keep doing the shadow work was useful, because of the CJ? Of course, it is useful! And you, as a reader, will come to the same conclusion, after reading what he shared with me. My belief through experience that everything in this hologram is essentially nothing and reprogrammable, including the CJ, was confirmed by his personal experience.

The person who approached me turned out to have been following me and a dear friend of mine on YouTube for some time now and my sharing about detaching and moving as an observing detached force by becoming No-thing, touched him, and he decided to apply it to his current situation.

He had been moving through painful situations for a long time, which always had a painful impact on his life. He responded from attachment to his pain (past), thereby pulsing shadow frequencies/codings to the (future) situation, with the result that he created a timeline that guaranteed a recurrence of old pain. Moving from past, future and pain, brings forth a repetitive movement. Programming within the body/mind remains active this way.

After he saw a video in which I talked about the power of detachment, being nothing, he decided to do everything he could from his present consciousness, observing from the NOW, fully detaching himself, during a painful repetitive situation in court that he had to experience again. I cannot describe his court case in detail for privacy reasons, but I can share that the previous ones and the last court case I write about, were about a very deep emotional bond that he was in danger of losing. So after several court cases, he has now managed to completely detach from any emotion, past and future outcome, while being present in his own love and trust, embracing himself in the nothingness of every NOW.  As a result, the ruling was in his favor and no new repeating timeline was triggered from old shadow emotions. Full of surprise and pride, he shared with me that it had worked.

He had convinced not only himself, but also me, that despite the narratives that are going around about the influences of the CJ, when you are in a consciously detached state of being in the NOW, you can reprogram yourself and therefore demagnetize programs and timeline loops.

Of course, he is in the process of shadow work, and therefore he is not yet able to constantly be in this state of detached nothingness in every NOW, but that is the awakening process. Whether or not, you have had the CJ.

He succeeded, and that gives strength and hope to anyone who took the CJ.

My own experiences have shown me, that behind every form, image, frequency there is a coding. If you look behind that coding, there is nothing. So everything in this Hologram is essentially nothing. Do you attach yourself to the past, future, ID-entities, narratives, outcomes, desires, etc. Yes, then the coding/programming becomes something, experienced as truth to you, and therefore you make it active on your outside 3D screen. You create a pulsation outwardly. In which you give the hologram the power it needs to play with your mind, manipulate you. Your thoughts, attached and not moving from the NOW, are manipulable.

If you start to love yourself 100%, detach yourself from everything in this hellish fake earth copy game we are in, start seeing it for what it is, NOTHING and embrace yourself in being NO-THING, you become, as it were, an empty mirror. You no longer pulse outwardly, but only inwardly into the direction of your own source. The fullness in your nothingness. In the nothingness of your own source is where all your knowing, and all abundance you need, is always present. Nothing is outside of you. Of course, it is a process and requires work and focus on yourself.

To the readers of this post who have had the CJ, I would like to pass on some supportive tips to power boost your thoughts and body positively. Because being home in 100% self-love, fully detached and believing that everything here is essentially nothing is for me, a natural state of being and believe I embody because of my own experiences. But until you embody this, your body and mind need support to weaken and demagnetize the CJ and inner-programming, which are NO-thing in essence.

Reprogram yourself daily with words and believe it!!!

The injections provided vitamin C to my system, therefore my immune system is 100% healthy. I am not my body, mind or soul, I am detached and live in the fullness of my nothingness. In my nothingness I am a constant source force of magic and I rewrite every manipulated coding back to nothingness source, where it demagnetizes and loses all its power.

Give your body extra support on your path back to your own source in the Nothingness. As long as you are not yet at home in your own self-love, source power and faith, the mind can still be influenced by active shadow programming, and therefore your body needs support.

To keep the flu frequency attacks outside your body:

One liter of purified water daily with 7 grains of Celtic sea salt and a tablespoon of vitamin C powder, plus vitamin D3 + K2.

A glass daily with a level teaspoon of zeolite powder, for the detoxification of heavy metals.

As soon as the season allows it, a glass of Earth Herb Boost every day!

Number of herbs per glass: 5 dandelion leaves and 5 flowers, 5 daisy flowers, 5 red clover leaves and flowers, 5 nettle tops and seeds/flowers, 1 blackberry leaf, 1 long and young plantain leaf as a daily basis. For flavor, you can add some natural honey or lemon.

Add the picked fresh herbs together with the water, and mix it until it becomes liquid. Pour the green Earth liquid through a fine colander into the glass. Packed with vitamins and minerals! And immediately oxygen in your blood!

You can eat these herbs every day, or dry them and make tea out of it. But freshly picked and prepared immediately is the most powerful for your health. Dosage is a guideline, you can safely take a little more or less.

Would you like to learn & download more health tips and/or learn to recognize and demagnetize your own shadow programming through the Element system within you? Then take a look here.

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