Beloved All,

Welcome to my creative healing world.

Painting has always been a healing experience for me. It has also helped me in re-connecting to my higher self and my guides. Shiatsu was also a great help in removing the layers and finding my way back home to my higher self. I studied at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu from 2003 until 2007.

Shiatsu awakened the Shaman soulpart of me and deepened my relationship/connection to ALL that is Mother Earth and ALL that is..

Since my awakening and re-connecting to my higher self and source,  I can heal now from a distance and ask your higher self directly what part of your soul needs healing and your love, so you can go up a level towards your full potential, the light being that you are. Next to the soul healing through painting I also give Shiatsu Massage, guidance towards soulmerging/enlightenment/the four bodies of existence, a personal soul reading without a painting. And you can also follow a creative shaman workshop, where you also re-learn to connect to your higher self. If you want to know more about my healing skills and background story, click here.

This is what I have to offer:

A soulhealing painting of a past live, that this male soul lived as a Indian woman, the way she died in that live needed healing.
A soulhealing painting of a past live, that this male soul lived as a Indian woman, the way she died in that live needed healing.

I live Off Grid in a beautiful place surrounded by forest and water nearby the French border, A soul healing and guidance session is 30 euro for 30 min. on skype. The price of A soul healing painting depends on the time and material I need. All workshops cost 30 euro and if you want to stay overnight, to feel and enjoy this beautiful place of nature and the beautiful private bungalow let me know. I will send you more information and pictures through email.

If you do not have the energy in form of money, know that there is always a way.. You can pay monthly are you can exchange goods.. If you like what I do and want to support my service for the Planetary Ascension and you have some extra to share, every donation is welcome. Thank you for showing your support and keeping my website and Love Energies moving forward! No that I’m Eternally Grateful! For now, send me a email if you want to donate. Paypal option I’m working on and will be here soon.

If you want a Soul Painting, are a hand painted personal bracelet, necklaces are stone, know that I have a waiting period in this moment for 2 weeks. Enjoy your journey through my world, thank you for being here and thank you for shining your light!

Love and Light, Qizenna

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Bringing home ALL of the I AM..

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  1. Beste Qizenna, alles wat je maakt is prachtig! Mijn vrouw en ik willen graag een fantasie portret van onze dochter en zijn erg benieuwd wat haar ziel jouw zal laten zien. We zullen je een mail sturen. Bedankt alvast! André en Evelien

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