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Everything my inner-self experiences, I transform through my different Art expressions, hand in hand with my inner child and the Element cycle (I am sharing some fun awakening tools in my YouTube online Workshop video’s). I have always used my creativity and the Element world as a bridge to self healing/diagnose, awakening the shadows to give it light and activate myself and others.

In this moment, my soul is drawn too reflecting Gaia’s beauty through photography, sound and light activation video’s. The light rays and codes of the sun and Gaia’s beauty bring forth so much healing and love. (see playlist “Gaia Love Activations”) And I am creating Vision Activation Art. I connect to your higherself and through the cosmic doorway of my I Am, visions come through for you. Those visions I transform into a activation Art Peace. You can read and see more about Vision Art on my Facebook Page. My I am is a Galactic Shaman and I work as a cosmic doorway, what that means you can see here in the video.







I also bring forth the loving children’s Gaia songs I receive during my daily walks and meditations moments with Gaia and all that is. For now I have the first song translated from Dutch too English. The other 5 I am working on. All that I am would be so grateful if you share these loving songs with the children. By singing the loving words for Mother Earth, the children will connect more deeply with her. Abracadabra “We create as we speak”. I also wrote a loving and magical children story “Loveland”, that is here to connect the children with their inner source of imagination, magic, wisdom, beauty and lightpower. The Loveland PDF story with magical illustrations you can download for FREE  HERE.

You can also help bring forth Loveland to the children through my Facebook page “Qizensworld Vision Art”. You share a Loveland donation and I will give you my creative time, energy and love and transform you into a magical version of yourself in another world.

In unity we can bring forth heaven on earth! My I AM would be so grateful if you decide to help bring forth magic, beauty, unity, love and peace by spreading my Gaia Geometry video’s, the Loveland story and songs! Thank you so much!

You can read some reviews about my work at the bottom of this page. 


  • Children stories and songs that reflect the world of light, energy, love and magic in a playful and loving way. Through the Loveland book, clothing, prints, stickers, posters and wallpaper. Go check out the the Loveland Store.
  • Gaia Geometry activation video’s & pictures that will give your heart so much light and love.
  • For the adults I have transformed my Qizensworld Art work into wallpaper, posters, stickers, T-shirts and Hoodies.
  • New Earth web designing, pattern designing, CD covers, advertising etc.
  • Unique gifts for you are your loved ones, a magical 5D soul painting, or hand painted  bracelets, necklaces and power stones..
  • Vision Activation Art of your Higher Self.

If you do not have the energy in form of money, know that there is always a way.. You can pay monthly are you can exchange goods/energy work..
Because I believe that money should never be a obstacle for receiving and exchanging healing, beauty and happiness!

If you like what I share, know that my I AM would be so grateful if you decide to share some with me in the form of a donation. This is what I do. And Your support will help bringing forth the constant flow of sharing my love, healing, creativity with all souls that need what I have to share. The PayPal donation button is in the upper right of the menu. Thank you so much for showing your support and keeping my website, creative healing and books moving forward! Know that I’m Eternally Grateful!

Enjoy your journey through my world, thank you for being here and thank you for shining your light!

Love and Light, Qizenna

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9 gedachten over “QizensWorld”

  1. Beste Qizenna, alles wat je maakt is prachtig! Mijn vrouw en ik willen graag een fantasie portret van onze dochter en zijn erg benieuwd wat haar ziel jouw zal laten zien. We zullen je een mail sturen. Bedankt alvast! André en Evelien

  2. I love your work and your message. I am on a journey to re-connect with the I Am. I was at a very high frequency a year ago and some devastating situation cause me to lose myself. Now I’m on the journey back.

    1. Beloved Deshawn, thank you for your kind words.. Happy to hear you are back on your way up.. Some times we need to take some steps back, because their is something we need to heal first.. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.. Lot’s of love and light sending your way.. Qizenna

  3. Lieve Es,

    Dank je voor je prachtige intenties en de liefdevolle boodschap. Together we are changing the world…
    Het mooie metafysische drieluik vindt straks z’n plaats in onze tentoonstellingsruimte, en zal heel wat bezoekers – ongewild – inspireren.



  4. Esther (Qizenna) is a very courageous and powerful woman who has found the root of her purpose in this world. She has become an experienced and inspired healer who is always learning and developing. I am glad she studied at my school and it is an honour and a pleasure to recommend her as a heart guided therapist with international experience with lots of “ki” and intelligence. She has always done so well and now gets the attention she deserves. She is a strong representative of the spirit of what we do and the help we offer in these fragile times. Well done Esther – I follow your development with interest and pleasure.

  5. Qizenna is a most exceptional and gifted artist and energy channel. Her intuitive and expansive interpretation of universal and personal energy is unique. The colours, designs and images that show up in her world are pure expressions of her beautiful heart and soul. Her innate wisdom enhanced by her connection to Gaia and the Elementals, she is a Channel of Love and Grace. She gives with Love and Compassion unequivocally and unconditionally in all of her offerings and they are an exquisite expression of her beautiful essence. If you wish to engage Qizenna Bosmania to work with you in any of the fields she offers I know that you will be ecstatic with the result. If you would enjoy for her to interpret and intuit the colours and energy surrounding you to produce an artwork that is activational, inspirational and unique I encourage you to connect and experience this wonder.

  6. Our creativity is a pathway to embracing our Divinity. I love the magical realms and seeing our expressions in form is a gift. Thank you Beloved.

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